LunaGrown Moist Apple Muffins

Moist Apple Muffins Everyone Will Love There is nothing nicer than a hearty, full bodied muffin to start your day with, you could even enjoy one with afternoon tea. If you love Autumn spices and you love apples then these are the muffins for you! We enjoy these muffins with LunaGrown Cinnamon Raisin Jam or Spiced Fig […]

Coffee Cake With Fresh Berries and Jam

Coffee Cake With Fresh Berries and Jam This simple coffee cake recipe has been a go to favorite for LunaGrown for some years now. It’s simple, quick and so versatile. This coffee cake is a welcome and thoughtful addition to any breakfast or brunch. A light afternoon snack that is just so refreshing. When LunaGrown […]

Create Homemade Italian Ice

How to Make Homemade Italian Ice Why is this recipe being presented by LunaGrown Jam? The jam kitchen gets very hot, and the Jam Maker has a fancy for Italian Ice. On occasion I can find my favorite Italian ice on sale at the grocers, when it’s not on sale it’s just a bit too pricy, […]

Warm Jam And Cinnamon Buns

Old Fashioned Cinnamon Buns, Best With Warm Jam! These delightful cinnamon buns are a family favorite. LunaGrown takes their time when creating this treat for our friends and loved one. We like them plain with just a bit of icing. However, we find they are beyond compare when served with warm apple jam, orange marmalade, or our […]