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Calendar Of Events

LunaGrown Calendar of Events

Thank you for your interest in finding where LunaGrown will be in the upcoming months. On the calendar below you will find our regularly scheduled markets. Also our special appearances at various farms, wineries, retail stores, and other events.

If you click on an event listed below, an information box will pop up with everything you need to know about the event. Included will be the dates and times if there is a fee, the location and even a link to Google maps. This way you may get directions.

If you or your community has an event you would like us to be part of please don’t hesitate to contact us. Please let us know of your plans ahead of time and how we may assist you. Please be aware that we cannot be at every event we are invited to. We try to choose events that fit both the time schedule and support the local community.

In the chance that in-climate weather is upon us, LunaGrown often will not be at a scheduled event. Especially outdoor events in the rain or if there is a snowstorm. If this occurs we always post a note on our Facebook page letting you know we will not be attending.

Many have asked if we have events at our farm. The answer is no we do not at the present time. The farm is not open to the public mostly for insurance reasons. But also we value our privacy and prefer not to disrupt mother nature when at all possible.

We look forward to seeing you throughout the season!


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