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Chocolate Banana Bread with Blackberry Jam

Chocolate Banana Bread with Blackberry Jam

Chocolate Chip Banana Bread with Blackberry Jam

What to do with those brown spotted bananas. It always bothers me if I have to throw food away. Sometimes we have no choice. Bananas however just go from one delight to another as they age. I do prefer a just ripe, almost green firm banana for ice cream dishes, of course with jam. Also just fresh firm bananas with almost any breakfast. What can I say I like bananas, I’m a guy and for some reason we’re supposed to eat them. But the mushy brown-ish ones, eh.

Of course it makes a big difference when you mush those brown-ish bananas up, throw in some chocolate chips and serve warm with blackberry jam. This bread is nice because it really is not too sweet, combined with the flavorful blackberry jam it becomes a match made for your palate.

shop buttonReally though who could argue with a moist banana bread combined with chocolate and blackberries? The bread is versatile as well. Some may choose to bake this in a bread pan, remembering to allow additional cooking time. Or as pictured above bake it in a sheet cake pan. Either way you go this is a sure fire winner! You can even add your favorite nuts if you desire!

There are so many jams one could enjoy with this bread. I chose the blackberry this time, but the pineapple was just as tempting. There’s always tomorrow! Enjoy!

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