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We utilize Champagne Mangos when creating this jam and kiss it with a bit of local wildflower honey. your customers can enjoy it served atop goat cheese tarts with fresh herbs. perhaps in an extraordinary martini. Also a delicate addition to grilled salmon, seared scallops, sushi, pork and it makes a nice vinaigrette. Temple Sinai Kosher  Case contains (12) – 9 ounce jars.

LunaGrown Honey Mango Jam

goat cheese and mango jam tart   LunaGrown Mango Jam on Coconut Pound Cake   Mango Martini

LunaGrown Honey Mango Jam Nutrition label

We have been busy perfecting our Honey Mango Jam.

We utilize Champagne Mangos when creating this jam and kiss it with a bit of local wildflower honey collected here in the Hudson Valley. This jam is a customer favorite and we look forward to creating it every season.

Our Honey Mango Jam is whipped, so it’s creamy and smooth, yet still provides you with all the beautiful fiber to help keep your body healthy. We enjoy this product served atop goat cheese tarts with fresh herbs especially, it’s an exquisite combination of flavors.

This Jam makes an extraordinary martini. Also our Honey Mango Jam makes a delicate addition to grilled salmon, simple brush on the top of your salmon a few minutes prior to removing from the grill. Serve on a bed of greens. Arresting in both flavor and appearance. You might also enjoy the jam with seared scallops or pork.

A tablespoon of this jam with some butter, heavy cream and hot peppers make a decedent sauce for any dish including pasta based meals. LunaGrown Mango jam is also nice warmed as a topping for ice cream! Of course it’s also sensational used in the traditional manner, on toasted bread or muffins. Served with tea, or coffee.

As with all our products LunaGrown relies on the natural sugars of the fruit for the bulk of our sweetness. You won’t find any added artificial ingredients in any of our products. By creating our jam in this fashion we help you to discover new ways of enjoying, and serving jam.

Our delightful Mango Jam is seasonal. We hope you take the opportunity to enjoy some and look forward to another experience next season!

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Additional information


Case contains twelve (12) 9 ounce jars


Mangos, Water, Cane Sugar, Honey, Pectin, Citric Acid

Special note

This product contains both Cane Sugar and Wildflower Honey.


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