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LunaGrown Orange Marmalade With Lavender

For our Jam Connoisseurs we present LunaGrown Orange Marmalade with Lavender. We use the entire fruit in our Orange Marmalade. The pulp, peal and pith, all go into this delicate blend. Our Lavender is imported from France and is the highest quality available for culinary use. We kiss this jam with just a bit of vanilla bean to slightly dampen the peel's bitterness.

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Pride of NY

LunaGrown Sweet & Tart Cherry Jam

LunaGrown uses tart red cherries when creating our cherry jam. Cherries lightly sweetened with an added hint of cinnamon make this an unforgettable experience for your palate. So much like cherry pie you'll wonder where the crust is!

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Pride of NY

Lemon Marmalade with Hot Peppers

LunaGrown Lemon Marmalade with hot peppers is a spicy delight in a traditional Marmalade. We create this with the entire lemon, pulp, peel, and pith with a kiss of vanilla and fresh Anaheim Chiles. We like these peppers as no two are the same. Some are a bit hotter and some a bit milder, it depends on when they are harvested.

Sorry, This Product Has Been Retired

Pride of NY

Cranberry Hot Pepper Jam

Spice up your holidays with our Hot Pepper Cranberry Jam. We blend a combination of Chili peppers, Habenaro peppers, and Bell peppers with a bit of cranberry and spices for this unforgettable experience!

Sorry, This Product Has Been Retired

Pride of NY

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LunaGrown Distressed Label Sale

Oh No! We enjoyed an event and it rained. Now the labels on some of our jars are a bit distressed, fully intact but perhaps more wrinkly than some would like. So we're offering a Distressed Label Special...Choose two products from the lists below and we'll box them up and ship them where ever you like. Remember to choose "Anywhere Shipping" and receive your package with maximum savings!Two jars will be wrapped in one shipping box.


Spoon and Napkin Add On

Add our cloth napkin and stainless (metal) spoon to your gift. A little extra something that says "try me now!"

LunaGrown Gifting Bags For That Special Touch!

Our 100% cotton, hand painted gifting bag holds one shipped box of LunaGrown Jam (not included). These bags are designed and painted by the jam maker himself and no two are alike.Each bag utilizes a myriad of water colors to represent Luna and Ben enjoying first starlight on the farm. Thus creating timeless bags for an extra bit of fun! A special touch for for any season.

Nyaker Gingersnap Cookies (Original)

The perfect pair! LunaGrown has been searching for just the right cookie to pair with since we began. A cookie that could meet our standards. A cookie that was light, had a delicate flavor, and paired well with our jam as well as cheeses, wines and other delights. Nyaker delicious vanilla flavor gingersnaps.
  • Made in Sweden
  • Perfect for entertaining!

LunaGrown Candy Apple Jelly

LunaGrown's Candy Apple Jelly is a treat for all ages. Made simply with apple juice and Red Hot candies it's taken right out of a page of childhood!This jelly is a perfect start to any morning on hot buttermilk biscuits, pancakes or waffles. Our Candy Apple Jelly also makes a beautiful glaze on any dish.Temple Sinai Kosher 

LunaGrown Lime Marmalade

Our Lime Marmalade is a versatile wonder. This lighthearted Lime Marmalade has been known to cause the jam maker to laugh for no reason, it just tastes that good! This Marmalade is delightful on toast but makes a wonderful addition to cocktails, baked goods, or even as an ingredient to create your own fresh dip with cilantro and horseradish.Pride of NY

LunaGrown Black Plum Jam

LunaGrown's essential Black Plum Jam is created with local Black Plums and Concord Grapes to give you the finest in taste and quality. This is a customer favorite and we do run out quickly. Our black plums are grown locally and harvested at the peak of freshness ensuring you experience the best LunaGrown has to offer.Pride of NY

Honey Peach Jam with Cherries

Our Honey Peach Jam is a beautiful spread whipped with fresh tart cherries. This jam pairs nicely with a mild cheese just as well as it does a strong bold cheese. This jam is delightful on toast but makes a wonderful addition to cocktails, baked goods and is a favorite combined with fresh whipped or clotted cream.Pride of NY

LunaGrown New York Grape

For our friends that are Grape Jelly enthusiasts we have something special for you. LunaGrown New York Grape, with it's full body flavor will leave you speechless. We juice our own grapes (Concord, Candice, & Riesling) so you are getting honest, natural juice at it's peak. The Jelly is a combination of our grape varieties and certainly speaks for itself.

LunaGrown Tasteful Carrot Cake Jam

The versatility of our Carrot Cake Jam is really quite impressive. We enjoy it with cream cheese on raisin toast. Carrot Cake jam is also brilliant atop pancakes, waffles, cinnamon rolls and oatmeal. A delicate addition to pan seared scallops!Temple Sinai Kosher

LunaGrown Creamy Peach Jam

LunaGrown's classic buttery Peach Jam is created with local freestone peaches and a hint of Cinnamon to give you the finest in taste and quality. This is a customer favorite and we do run out quickly. Our Peaches are grown locally and harvested at peak season ensuring you experience the best LunaGrown has to offer.Pride of NY

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LunaGrown Honey Mango Jam

We utilize Champagne Mangos when creating this jam and kiss it with a bit of local wildflower honey collected here in the Hudson Valley. The versatility of this jam is impressive. We enjoy it served atop goat cheese tarts with fresh herbs. Our Mango Jam makes an extraordinary martini. Also a delicate addition to grilled salmon, seared scallops, sushi, pork and it makes a nice vinaigrette.¥ A Reduced Sugar ProductTemple Sinai Kosher