LunaGrown Jam ~ Box 621, Cuddebackville, NY ~ 914·Luna·Jam

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LunaGrown Grapes

LunaGrown Grapes

LunaGrown Grapes

LunaGrown grows a variety of grapes mostly used for wine, however we do gather local concord grapes for our Jelly from time to time. Our wine grapes consist of Merlot, Zinfindel, and a Pino variety.

Welcome to the home of LunaGrown Jam. Distinguished traditional jams and marmalades.
Made in the Hudson Valley of New York, LunaGrown products contain no artificial colors or additives, no high fructose corn syrup and are free of added preservatives.
LunaGrown is a gluten-free and reduced sugar product. All of our products are created in small batches and are Kosher certified.