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Pancakes with LunaGrown Jam

pancakes with jam

Pancakes with LunaGrown Jam

When I was a child, sometimes we would get pancakes for a special birthday treat. Or on occasion (when we were really extra good) for dessert.

Of course we had them for breakfast with whatever the popular commercial syrup at the time was. It wasn’t until living on my own did I have real maple syrup, honey, fruit, or whipped cream with my pancakes. I don’t recall ever having it with Jam as a child, but now that i’m all grown up I can do what I please! So Jam it is!!!

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The dried ingredients for these pancakes can be mixed ahead of time and stored for immediate use when you need it quick!

This recipe makes quite a stack of pancakes, so you may cut it in half or freeze what you don’t eat and have on another day. I like to layer jam between the pancakes and depending on the type of jam, maybe add some syrup, some pecans or walnuts, a bit of whipped cream… some cream cheese is nice as well. 聽Hope you explore and enjoy!

If you are good at this you can have a few cakes on the griddle and get the others buttered in-between. If you find that your batter is thickening up you may add a touch more buttermilk or regular milk will do the trick.

On a nutritional note Jam is higher in fiber and lower in sugar than most, if not all your commercial syrups. Just something to consider if you are preparing this fine breakfast.

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