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LunaGrown Recipes Using Jam & Marmalade

Charcuterie Board, Recipe

Charcuterie Board, Recipe

Enjoy A Favorite Recipe from LunaGrown

A recipe using LunaGrown Jam. If you’ve taken the time to explore the distinguished taste of LunaGrown jam, you will more than likely be looking for excuses to use it every chance you can. These are some of our favorite recipes. We have tried them in our own kitchen prior to adding them here.

These are only some of the creative ways LunaGrown can make your day memorable. When in doubt, a tablespoon in a cold glass of water is tastier and healthier than a soda! We hope you enjoy!

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shop buttonAll of these recipes have been tried and tested in our kitchen and served on our table. All of these recipes have been created using LunaGrown jam. Please know that not all jam is the same, and although we urge you to explore, we cannot guarantee the recipe will have the same end result using another brand.

If you have a recipe you have used LunaGrown with, why not share it with us and the rest of the world!

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