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LunaGrown Banana Cake with Mango

Banana Cake with LunaGrown Honey Mango Jam

Banana Cake聽with Mango Jam It's that time when bananas are on sale and you can't help but buy a whole bunch of green ones thinking you will eat most of them before they start to turn brown. Then they turn brown. I was smart last time, I sliced and froze them. The bananas were a [...]
Chocolate chip banana bread

Chocolate Banana Bread with Blackberry Jam

Chocolate Chip Banana Bread with Blackberry Jam Our Blackberry jam is as classic favorite. Fresh Blackberries with a bit of sugar. The way it was and still is made on the farm. We love this jam on top of homemade ice cream on any given day! Of course Blackberry Jam is a treat with banana […]