Peak Leaf Viewing

It’s Peak Leaf Viewing Time It has been a busy month for me. We had relatives visiting from overseas whom I love to see. Also I got to spend a week at the beach. This really is the best time to go. There are no people yelling to get me off their sand (like it’s […]

Into the Autumn

Autumn is Upon Us At the farm Autumn means it’s time to start preparing for next spring. Well in a way that’s what it means. During the cold winter months when the ground is frozen very little can be done with the soil, the equipment is too cold to work on, and no planting can […]

About Rain and Mud Holes

About Rain and Mud Holes Remember what I mentioned about mud holes? I think maybe I forgot to wish that they were not so abundant. We certainly did get a crop of summer storms last week, and my extraordinary senses tell me we’re in for some more this week. I don’t know if they will […]

Summer is Here

Summer Has Arrived June certainly bloomed into summer didn’t it? The past few weeks have been hot ones. Perfect for morning romps and afternoon naps though. The evenings have just been beautiful on the farm and in the city. One of the best things about the warmer months are all the incredible things to smell, […]