Taste Testing

The Taste Testing of LunaGrown

When a new product is created for LunaGrown, usually Jam, it is created to please my personal tastes. If I don’t like it, I won’t let anyone else taste it. After the recipe has been created, and the product tested for shelf life and safety it is then offered to our Taste Testers.

Our Testers are the first to sample our new creations and have the opportunity to try them at home in any way they see fit. Some share with family and friends, some just keep the new product to themselves. Whatever is most comfortable to them. We take into consideration all feedback our testers provide and make a final decision before we list our product with the State and the FDA.

*Note: All Acidified or Low Acid foods must be listed with the FDA according to law (acidified jams would include Watermelon, Banana, Coconut, Mango and other high PH fruits used in jamming, any product with a vinegar base is usually acidified such as hot pepper jams and even apple butter). While we do have some acidified recipes set and ready for jam creation, we are not offering them at present mainly due to time restraints. 

It can take a few weeks, a few months, up to a year before the product is available for sale.

Our testers come from a myriad of backgrounds, and who they are is kept confidential. We would be saddened and disheartened if our trusted taste testers were to be pestered by strangers or recipe thieves (and yes they are out there).

On behalf of LunaGrown we would like to thank those that volunteer to taste our “rough drafts.” They ensure our products are a joyful taste experience for others, and they keep the jam maker on his toes. We hope that you enjoy the quality and bold taste, from every jar.

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