Traditional Tomato Jam

Traditional Tomato Jam. plum tomatoes

Traditional Tomato Jam

To quote one of our customers “I put that shit on Everything”!

I remember my Grandfather eating traditional tomato jam made from yellow cherry tomatoes. I didn’t much care for it but preferred the Strawberry preserves Grandma had made with an extra cup or two of sugar, I was ten. I thought pop tarts were just as good as a glazed ham.

I have searched for a recipe that held the flavor of the tomato and the right combination of spices to enhance the palate’s experience. While keeping the consistency of the jam itself was important, my focus was on the flavor first.  Some varieties of Heirloom tomatoes that are available these days offer a unique flavor that is suited for a savory jam. LunaGrown is proud to have good friends with talents in tomato agriculture.

LunaGrown’s Traditional Tomato Jam is a blend of Roma Tomatoes and other Heirloom varieties. The recipe is loosely based on one from the 1920’s.  The spices are a light blend of allspice, and lemon.

Some of our favorite ways to utilize our Heirloom Tomato Jam: Spread on a pita bread topped with fresh spinach, caramelized onions, and blue cheese, warm this up and serve as a personal pizza. On biscuits or brochette with cream cheese and fresh thyme this jam is amazing! We also love just a dollop of LunaGrown Heirloom Tomato jam on a bowl of white beans with bacon.

Like any LunaGrown Jam yes it’s good on toast, but I was thrilled when I heard “I put that shit on everything” as we say ‘Think outside the Bread Box’. I wanted to know exactly what this customer put our Tomato Jam on, so here’s what I was told; “I put in on peanut butter, artisan breads, cream cheese, French fries, onion rings, ice cream, grilled cheese sandwiches, had some on French toast this week, and put some on my husbands ham sandwich for lunch.”  How did that go? I asked.  “Well I’m back for three more jars.”

Sometimes things just make you happy. That list went way beyond what I use it on, which a whole grain cracker with some bacon or prosciutto,  Asiago cheese and some fresh thyme!

Tomato Jam a perfect addition to your charcuterie board, beautiful with a multitude of smoked meats and cheeses. Slather on toasted brioche with bacon, arugula and blue cheese. An indelible experience for your palate or for guests at your social gathering.

LunaGrown Green Tomato

LunaGrown Green Tomato

LunaGrown is also proud to offer our Green Tomato Jam. This jam is created with Heirloom tomatoes, a touch of spice and lemon zest. It is quite popular at social gatherings which incorporate cheese pairings, as well as a delicate summer sweet served with meats. This jam although seemingly new to many, is a traditional American Classic, especially in the Southern and Mid-Western area’s of the country. Remember “try it, you might like it!”

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