Why Does LunaGrown Jam Begin with a Memory

LunaGrown begins with a memory

LunaGrown begins with a memory

Why Does It Begin With a Memory

I had the honor of meeting a mother and her children at market this week. She too is a jam maker and was proud to tell me about the jams she makes and how they are named after her young son and daughter. We spoke of different recipes and substitutes for sugars, the differences in pectin as well as the changes in traditional jam making to today’s standards. In reading the LunaGrown label, she looked at me and asked “Why does it begin with a memory“.

For those who don’t know ‘It Begins With a Memory’ is written across my label.

To be honest I was taken back. No one had ever asked me before and I didn’t have a planned answer. I still don’t, only the harsh truth. From my perspective, when I taste jam, jelly or preserves I am expecting it to taste a certain way. I am expecting it to taste the way my grandmother’s jam tasted. Of course nothing can recreate that as it comes with other things, other memories, sounds, smells, emotions. Sometimes however if I close my eyes and the jam is that good I can almost relive that experience.

This is how I begin as a jam maker. I create, to the best of my ability a jam that hopefully tastes like what one experienced as a child. One that I hope brings back an old memory for myself and for others. We can create new experiences every day, but sometimes it’s a challenge to remember a place or time in our past. So for me that is how it begins.

From childhood we experience new tastes and as adults sometimes search out that special ‘candy bar’ or for this generation ‘Hostess cake’.  Maybe it’s that apple pie Mom made or that BBQ Dad did on weekends or that Jam. Either way we take our searches into our future hoping for a glimpse of a time past.

The jams this Mother makes with her children, for her family and those that know her will create a special memory that her children and her friend’s children will unknowingly search for at some point in their lives. One day they will say ‘Why can’t I find a jam as good as mom used to make‘ and hopefully they will find something that comes close enough. Guaranteed that when they do, there will be no other jam for them. Because for one brief moment it gave them back a memory of a time that was special.

So why does LunaGrown begin with a memory? Because everyone should have the opportunity to revisit that place and time from their past that made them feel special. Then it should be handed down to future generations.

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