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jam and the copper kettle

Jam and the Copper Kettle 馃攰

Jam and the Copper Kettle Copper Cookware..... 聽Fanciful sweets became a science! You might have read how all the true artisan jam makers love their copper kettles, they are so beautiful and so wonderful to work with. So I thought I would help make things a bit clearer, especially if you are a home jam [...]
history of jam

The History Of Jam & Jelly 馃攰

The History of Jam To appreciate today鈥檚 gourmet jam and the artisans that create it. One must look to the past and understand it鈥檚 journey from the Kings and Queens who regaled in it鈥檚 delicate creation, the settlers who relied on it鈥檚 nutritional value and sustainability, to the troops that utilized the quick energy jam [...]
Tea with LunaGrown strawberry jam

Jam & Tea A Love Affair 馃攰

Jam & Tea, A Love Affair Originally Tea was considered a medicine, only affordable to the wealthy and affluent. This was one of the reasons it went out of style during the French and American Revolutions. Somehow the love affair between the relaxing hot beverage, jam and those that honor the traditions continue. Tea was [...]
Peanut butter jelly

Remaking the Classic American Sandwich 馃攰

Remaking the Classic American Sandwich Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are truly an American classic. For some of us, it's time the sandwich grew up like we did. Just a few thoughts on bringing your sandwich to the palatable place you want it.聽Guaranteed to revitalize your faith in the P, B and J tradition. 1. [...]