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Suggested Jam and Cheese Pairings

cherry jam with cheese

Suggested Jam & Cheese Pairing ~ A Guide

When pairing jam and cheese look at the whole picture. Consider all the possibilities before deciding on a limited few. You may be serving your jam and cheese pairing with wine, additional fruits, maybe Black Walnuts or Smoked Almonds, Artisan bread, and fresh basil or ginger. Sometimes less is more.

Keep in mind that your goal is to offer tastes that complement one another, not overpower one another. It should be a thoughtful, sophisticated adventure for your palate not a college frat party for your mouth.

When purchasing a gourmet jam or marmalade give thought to an appropriate pairing cheese. To be clear, pairing jam and cheeses of similar cost and quality will result in a more palatable experience.

Serve your cheese with its accompaniment rather than mixed together. Jam should not be poured over the top of your cheese. You and your guests should be able to enjoy the cheese itself, as well as the jam. Then enjoy them together in a combination that suits their personal tastes. Offering additional accompaniment is welcome, such as preserved meats or smoked fish. Choose with thought.

Choosing a few key items that support the nuances of your cheese and jam will ensure a memorable experience.

Acquiring the highest quality cheese is an important part of the process. Once you have chosen the cheese which to build your paring on it is imperative to engage it with a discerning jam such as LunaGrown.

A sophisticated cheese paired with LunaGrown Jam is certain to bring you great pleasure. Enjoy our suggested cheese and jam pairing suggestions below.

Bold cheeses pair well with strong flavored jams. The opposite is also true: mild cheese unite well with subtly flavored jams. Avoid domination of one flavor over another. Your goal is to achive the magic that happens when good flavors compliment each other.

If you are serving your jam and cheese pairing with accompanying wine or artisan beer, and are not a connoisseur ask questions of the purveyor. A bit of guidance from the maker is always helpful when creating the pairing experience you had in mind as well as the atmosphere you are creating.

When serving jam and cheese it is best to chill your jam as well as the serving dish(es) or cup(s) the jam will be going into, this will help to keep the jam firm for a longer period of time while it sits out, as well keeping it fresh in appearance and flavor.

It is also wise to avoid double-dipping, or spooning jam onto your cheese and allowing the same spoon to go back into your jam jar. Cheese is a living culture that can be introduced to your jam in this matter, thus often shortening the shelf life of your jam product. For optimal enjoyment always serve your jam product from a separate serving dish. You can always add more.


Our Pairing Suggestions

Jam and Cheese

A PDF printable version of the above pairing chart is available here: Jam & Cheese Pairing Guide

If you are not a wine connoisseur ask questions and find out what wines would best suit the pairing you had in mind as well as the atmosphere you are creating. Or see our suggestions here: LunaGrown suggested Wine and Jam Pairings

We also offer guidelines on Pairing Beer and Jam! Now that’s Bold!

When serving Jam and Cheese as a pairing it is best to chill your jam as well as the serving dish or cup the jam will go into, this will keep the jam firm for a longer period of time while it sets out as well as keeping it fresh in appearance and flavor.

Discover more about Jam, Cheese and Wine Pairings for your next Social Gathering by reading our helpful guide.

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