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Distinguished Traditional Jam from LunaGrown. Handmade in small batches and shipped just about anywhere. All natural, no artificial additives, gluten free, GMO free. Best Quality for a Healthy Choice. LunaGrown grows a variety of fruits and berries to create distinguished traditional jams. All of our products are seasonal and depend on local agriculture.


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p-trans wed corn"Creamy goat cheese mingled with LunaGrown Pineapple jam, its hint of cinnamon and vanilla just whispering underneath. The sweetness of the pineapple summoning your eyes to close as you surrender to your taste buds! Seriously, if you haven't tried this, it MUST be on your bucket list!" 
A Must for Your Bucket ListNancy in Wappingers Falls
p-trans wed corn"I love jam but haven't had any in years because they are always too sweet. I tried some Blackberry Jam from Luna Grown and its AWESOME! Just the right amount of sweetness and you get Great Berry Taste I can't wait to try others like Pineapple, raspberry, apple . So many choices and All so Good. 
Blackberry Jam from LunaGrownKen in Hurley NY
p-trans wed corn"LunaGrown is the best jam I have ever had in my life - it can't get better. I ordered the Rica Barreja and the Apple - had eagerly awaited the chance to order online - and I had to stop myself from eating all of it with a spoon within an hour of opening the jars. I'll never go back to mass-produced commercial jam again." 
LunaGrown Jam Can’t Get BetterBarbara in Durham NC
p-trans wed corn"LunaGrown jams have an Old-World style that tastes like they’re made by a doting granny toiling in her kitchen. Rica Barreja is no exception, full of sweet and savory notes, it’s a perfect slather on crusty bread topped with a bloomy rind cheese.
Old-World StyleHudson Valley Wine Magazine

p-trans wed corn

“This jam is so satisfying that we almost wanted to eat it on its own, unadulterated and out of the jar. It seems a bit decadent, but catch me on a bad day, and I may be on the couch with a jar of LunaGrown jam and a spoon.”
Unadulterated & Out of The JarElizabeth Segran ~ Contributing Writer, The Atlantic, Fast Company & Fortune

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