LunaGrown Jam Varieties

Below you will find the full list of varieties we make at LunaGrown. Most of our products are seasonal. However, there are a few we create year round. You may click on the product name to view additional information or request notification when the product is in stock.

LunaGrown uses fruits and berries grown on our farm. We procure additional fruits from local growers who share our belief in sustainable agriculture and responsible farming practices. Citrus fruits do not grow in Upstate New York so we have to get them from other areas of the country, Florida and California.

We use pure cane sugar, and our pectin is, non-GMO, Organic, Dextrose and gluten-free. A reduced sugar product following FDA Guidelines; (At least 25% fewer sugars per RACC than an appropriate reference food (or, for meals and main dishes, at least 25% fewer sugars per 100 g). LunaGrown products are Kosher Certified.

Traditional Jams

Tropical Jam & Marmalade

berry iconOur Jellies

LunaGrown Signature Series

American Classics

* USDA certified organic produce used when available and noted as such on the label.

  • Aztec Florist
  • Bashakill Vineyard
  • Bialas Farms
  • Campbell Meats
  • Cheese Louise
  • DeCicco’s Market Katonah
  • DeCicco’s New City
  • Freedom Hill Farm
  • Ghiggeri’s Fine Olive Oil
  • Ghiggeri’s Fine Olive Oil
  • Holistic Healing Studio
  • Hudson Street Cafe
  • Hudson Valley Welcome Center
  • John Fazio Farm Market and BBQ
  • LunaGrown Jam
  • Marbled Meat Shop
  • Masons Marketplace
  • Olive R Twist
  • Scarborough Fare Beacon
  • Scarborough Fare New Paltz
  • Southern Tier Welcome Center
  • Taste NY – Broome County
  • TWK Community Market
  • Village Hands Cafe
  • Warwick Valley Olive Oil Company
  • Warwick Valley Winery

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