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FAQ About LunaGrown Jam

You Have Questions, We Have Answers!

Question: Can you tell me a brief history of LunaGrown?

We would be happy to! LunaGrown began as a home-based business, located in the Hudson Valley of NY, in 2011. Within a year of offering our small-batch jams to the surrounding community at farmers' markets and local fairs, we found the need to grow. LunaGrown's jam maker received his master preserver certification from CCENY. Then with some help, a commercial kitchen was built on farmland and nationwide shipping began in 2015.

Currently, LunaGrown averages 10,000 jars of jam per year. All product is still made the old-fashioned way, in small batches by hand. We are licensed by the State of New York. We grow a majority of our fruits and procure that which we do not grow from Hudson Valley farmers. There are some exceptions to this as some fruits cannot grow in the NY climate.

Question: Why is it called LunaGrown?

This question has been asked since we first started growing our fruits and creating our jams. No, we do not cover our plants until the moon is full, that would be quite silly, wouldn't it? For the full answer to this question please see the article Who is Luna of LunaGrown.

Question: How long can I store my LunaGrown Jams?

For best quality, it is recommended that LunaGrown Jam be used within a year. All LunaGrown jams are tested for shelf life and utilize 'Hot Pack' processing for the recommended time. They should retain the best quality and flavor for up to one year's recommended time. LunaGrown Jam should be stored in a cool, dark, dry place, between 50-70°F. Overextended periods of time, however, changes in the color, flavor, texture, and nutrient content of any jam are inevitable. A typical full-sugar fruit jam should be safe to eat if the jar seal remains intact and the product shows no visible signs of spoilage from molds or yeasts.

Some jams may have a shorter shelf life than others for optimum quality. For example, lighter-colored jams may noticeably darken faster than others and not remain appealing for a whole year. Though this is not a safety concern, it may reduce the visual appeal of the product for many people. The type of fruit used will also affect other quality characteristics over time.

Question: How long can I keep my LunaGrown Jams once I open them?

Opened LunaGrown jams should be kept in the refrigerator at 40°F or lower. LunaGrown Jam is best stored for 1 month in the refrigerator after opening. LunaGrown may last longer depending on the specific product and how it is used. The expected shelf life will be shortened by keeping the container frequently open and/or out at room temperature for long periods of time during use. At each use, you can spoon out the quantity of jam or jelly that you may require into a bowl, and replace the jar in the refrigerator quickly - this would ensure minimum exposure to sources of microbial contamination during use.

Note: For safe eating practices, store your opened jar of jam or jelly in the refrigerator until consumed, and examine it frequently for signs of spoilage (like mold or yeast growth, or off-odors, including “fermented,” “alcohol” or “yeasty” odors). Discard the product immediately if any signs of spoilage are detected.

Question: Are LunaGrown Jams Organic?

LunaGrown is not a certified organic product. We consider our practices sustainable and responsibleWhile we try to utilize non-pesticide interventions, this isn't always possible. This is especially true with our apple and pear trees. While we continue to use non-pesticide formulas, sometimes it's not worth losing an orchard over and a harsher intervention is needed. However, the majority of our fruits and berries are grown without pesticides, even when we have to outsource them. We reach out to local farmers who share our views on sustainability and responsible farming.

When it comes to our sugar, we cannot claim that it is organic, we use pure cane sugar.  Pure cane sugar is one of the few sugars that has not fallen into the hands of the GMO companies like beet sugar and corn sugar. However, the cost of Organic cane sugar would put LunaGrown out of business.

Question: Are LunaGrown Jams 100% natural?

All of our Jams and Jellies are made with 100% natural ingredients: fruit, pure cane sugar, and 100% pure citrus pectin, which is vegan, gluten-free, and GMO-free. LunaGrown Jam contains no artificial preservatives, no additives, no corn syrup, and is non-GMO.

*A note on GMOs: Currently The only commercialized GM fruit is Papaya from Hawaii. Citrus fruits are currently in trials being spliced with a spinach gene to combat the citrus greening disease. Cane sugar has undergone GM field testing but is currently not an available product to consumers.

Question: Does LunaGrown contain high fructose corn syrup?

No, as mentioned above we use only Pure Cane Sugar in our products. When creating a product that utilizes brown sugar, we make our own using natural black-strap molasses.

Question: Why doesn't LunaGrown make Seedless or Sugar-free Jams?

When this question arises one is usually referring to a berry jam such as Raspberry or Blackberry. Seedless jams follow the same procedure as creating a jelly. From our perspective seedless jams are jellies.

When it comes to sugar-free or sugar substitute products, to be honest, we've made sugar-free jam and it's really gross, as far as sugar substitutes are concerned that is a rabbit hole of chemistry we would rather avoid.

Question: Can you explain what reduced sugar means when it comes to LunaGrown products?

We follow the FDA guidelines "At least 25% less sugar than an appropriate reference food" (21 CFR 101.60(c)). Our recipes are verified with the state of NY and filed with the FDA Accordingly. The standard for jam products was set in the 1940s and uses a ratio of 45% fruit to 55% sugar by weight, this was done to standardize the marketplace and ensure shelf stability. 75 years later and the rules haven't changed. However, with the correct formula, it is possible to create a shelf-stable product acceptable in the eyes of the state and federal government. LunaGrown on average uses 66% fruit to 33% sugar by weight. That extra 1% is a touch of magic!

Question: Why doesn't LunaGrown make Pumpkin & Apple butter or Garlic Jams?

We made the decision long before we started making LunaGrown Jams that we would focus on traditional jams. We know what an Apricot or Raspberry jam should taste like and what is readily available on the market. We are not sure what a good Garlic jam should taste like so we'll leave that up to other adventurous artisans. We feel the same about Pumpkin & Apple butter, as we prefer to remain focused on traditional jams.

Question: What types of Payment does LunaGrown Accept?

Currently, we accept most Major Credit Cards (Mastercard, Visa, American Express, Discover, JCB, Diners Club). We also accept Pay Pal, Klarna, & Affirm.

Question: How does LunaGrown protect my credit card and other forms of information when I shop online?

No one at LunaGrown ever really sees your personal payment information. When you order from us your information is encrypted and processed through one of our payment services. We utilize Comodo SSL for our website encryption.

  • All credit cards are processed by Square all information is encoded to ensure your personal information remains safe and secure.
  • We also offer PayPal as a payment gateway.
  • We also offer Klarna & Affirm as a payment option
  • We utilize YITH WooCommerce Anti-Fraud to protect ourselves against buyer fraud. No credit or banking information is collected. YITH Anti-Fraud alerts us to suspicious purchasing activities so that we may protect ourselves and you.

Question: Can I have my order shipped Flat Rate, UPS, or FedEx?

Our standard shipping is USPS Priority Mail within the United States including Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico (1-3 day shipping from the time your order is processed). Due to the nature and packaging of our product, we cannot ship to APO or FPO. We do not ship Flat Rate and will, on occasion use other carriers when needed. If you have a need for a specific carrier contact us and we will gladly look into alternative options. All shipping is tracked and insured for your satisfaction and ours. All wholesale orders are shipped via FedEx unless other arrangements are made.

Question: What about International Shipping?

Currently, we are not shipping internationally. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Question: Why can't I get a certain product that LunaGrown usually makes?

More than likely the fruit is out of season. LunaGrown makes as much Jam as we can with our harvest. When we run out then that product will not be in production until the following season. Some of our varieties are specifically seasonal. We may retire a recipe if we feel it just isn't meeting our expectations.

Question: If you have retired a recipe can you still make it for me as a special request? 

We try to avoid special requests, nothing personal. We may bring back a product for a limited run or if you love it that much. If we have officially retired a product we would be willing then to release the recipe.

Question: Where can I find the nutritional information about LunaGrown Jam?

All the nutritional information regarding LunaGrown Jam can be found on the product page directly please see our Varieties to find the product you're looking for.

Please Note: Our Privacy Policy, Terms & Conditions, and Returns Policy can be found here:

Terms & Conditions - Return Policy

Please Note: Help! I can't open the damn Jar!

We are aware that some jars are more difficult to open than others. First, make certain that the side seal is broken or removed. This little piece of paper certainly can be a hindrance. We suggest if a jar seems extra stubborn turn it upside down in your hand, give it a good hard smack on the bottom of the jar, and then twist with the bottom of the jar facing you. If this does not work, we suggest using a damp cloth to assist when twisting the lid. If all else fails run hot water on the lid. Our jars are sealed using Plastisol, a PVC gasket that is used in metal continuous thread and lug (sometimes called twist) closures. These seals are often tighter than most rubber seals.

Please Note: If you have questions that have gone unanswered ask LunaGrown by writing to us and we'll get back to you as quickly as we can with an answer.



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