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Chicken Stir Fry Hot sauce

Sweet & Hot Apricot Sauce for Glazing and More!

Sweet and Hot Sauce with LunaGrown Apricot Jam I love stir fry. The varied flavors and consistencies of the vegetables, the textures and colors. Stir fry feeds your eyes and your belly! With all the flavors fighting for the lead it鈥檚 important to have a sauce that supports all nuances. LunaGrown Apricot Jam is the [...]
Pineapple BBQ Sauce

A Sweet and Savory Blast With Pineapple Jam BBQ Sauce

Pineapple BBQ Sauce with LunaGrown The word ‘Barbecue’ might come from the Taino Indian word ‘barbacoa’ meaning meat-smoking apparatus. ‘Barbecue’ could have also originated from the French word “Barbe a queue” which means “whiskers-to-tail.” No one is sure of the correct origins of the word. Our Pineapple Jam is created with the freshest tropical fruit […]