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Jam glazed shrimp

Jam Glaze, Saute’ and Gravy

Adding a special touch of flavor to your meals is an often overlooked quality of jams and jellies. LunaGrown is proud that many of our close friends and customers write us with recipes they have created using our Jam. Here we’ll share the basics we have used in our kitchen to enhance our dishes with […]

Marmalade glaze

Easy to Make Marmalade Glaze

Create a Delicious Marmalade Glaze For an Elegant Flare! So many wonderful things to do with a good Marmalade. Marmalade is one spread that I do enjoy on tea biscuits or a nice聽English聽muffin. However it’s applications are as聽versatile聽as any jam. Below is a recipe I enjoy. It has been聽tweaked聽a bit to meet LunaGrown’s style and […]