Food Labeling Gone Wild

Food Labeling Gone Wild! By Tom McHale Article republished with permission from Overheard in a Wal-Mart food processing facility just outside of Toad Suck, Arkansas… Bodean: “Clem, did all y’all finish with that batch of Grape Jelly yet?” Clem: “Yup.” Bodean: “You remember to add the anchovies?” Clem: “Ummm… Dangit!” Either Wal-Mart food suppliers use a really […]

Goodness In Seeds

Seeds and Nutrition in Jam and Preserves Quite often people ask if LunaGrown Jam’s contain the seeds or skins of the fruits used. The answer is always Yes, whenever possible. I realize that some need to avoid seeds due to diverticulitis, and others may have ill fitting dentures which can be trouble some. To these folks I […]

Pectin The Wonder Nutrient

Pectin The Wonder Nutrient Pectin is abundantly contained in apples and citrus fruits. It can be used to produce jam and jelly. Few people have attached great importance to this nutrient. This is because it plays a tiny role in nourishing the human body. According to medical research, it is known to slow the activity of enzymes […]