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LunaGrown Wild blueberries ingredients

Jam Ingredients Explained! What’s really In My Jam?

What聽Ingredients Are聽Really In My Jam? Do ingredients really make that much of a difference when it comes to flavor or nutritional value? During our research we were surprised at the ingredients of some products on the market. Below is what we learned. One of the main reasons LunaGrown came into being was the lack of [...]
LunaGrown Jelly

Pectin The Wonder Nutrient

Pectin The Wonder Nutrient Pectin is abundantly contained in apples and citrus fruits. It can be used to produce jams and jelly. Few people have attached great importance to this nutrient. This is because it聽plays a tiny role in nourishing the human body. According to medical research, it聽is known to slow the activity of enzymes [...]