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The Fox and the Grapes

We Have a New Visitor on the Farm

My humans don’t think I know, but I can smell it. There is a new visitor to the farm. The kind that looks like one of my relatives got stuck together with one of those unpredictable hissing things they call a cat and made puppies. Humans call these things Foxes. While they are timid things, for the most part, I don’t trust them.

They will attempt to eat other visitors that cause mischief on the farm, even those things that play dead. In that aspect these Fox things are good, but they spread fleas terrible and sometimes rabies and I for one don’t want either.

Thankfully I have not had to waste my energy chasing it off the farm, but I know it’s there. I can only hope Ben doesn’t see it.

As usual, we have been very busy. I can’t believe a whole month has gone by. I have not seen much of Chris, the Jam Maker. It is a busy time of year for him. My humans have been working on the roads and buildings here. We are finally ready for the electric to be turned on. Now that the weather is a bit cooler I don’t know if i’ll need that box in the wall that blows cold air. Although I’m sure there will be a few more hot days to come.

I am pretty sure it is a crunchy treat time of year. I love these things they call broccoli and asparagus. It’s like grass or baby pine trees only better, and it doesn’t bother your stomach. I hope someone brings me some very soon.

Luna Backyard
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As for the fields, they look good to me, although some did brown a bit after the past rains. But it looks like they are coming back just fine. I remember hearing something about fireplace ashes for around the plants so I guess that is something my Human companions will be doing. I am impressed that our grapes look so nice this year. I guess like most things they just needed some extra attention to really shine.

The nice-looking grapevines bring me back to the fox, which is where I started. I recall an old human story that has been passed down even though my kind about a fox who was trying to eat some birds that were eating grapes. I have heard some humans call it the sour grape story. Well, I don’t remember exactly how the story goes but do recall the lesson: Only a fool will despise what he cannot have. The wise will appreciate not having it. I will have to nap on that thought, it is a human story and human logic doesn’t always make a lot of sense.

I聽hope you are enjoying your warm months and are taking belly rubs often! Remember to have your nails clipped before going on vacation. When they are unkempt they are unsightly and a danger to you and others.


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