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Cherry Berry Jam from LunaGrown

Can the Mother-To-Be Enjoy the Jam She Craves

Craving Jam During Pregnancy Can mothers-to-be enjoy the Jams they crave? Many people have asked this question and I began to wonder as well. So I did a bit of research and this is what I have found. Please note that my research does not include freezer jams which are processed differently than jarred Jams. [...]
LunaGrown blueberry Lemonade

Summer Heat Health with LunaGrown

Beating the Heat with LunaGrown Please, no more complaints about the heat! A little common sense goes along way! Yes it's summer, and yes there are bound to be heatwaves. Somehow though it gets hotter the more people complain and being crabby about something you can't change isn't that good for your health. Anyone who has [...]
Jam, Jelly, Preserves, What's the Difference 1

Jam, Jelly, Preserves, What’s the Difference

Jam, Jelly, Preserves, What's the Difference Jam, jelly, preserves and conserves; fruit spreads and butters and Marmalades, oh my! These are just some of the terms associated with preserved fruit products. It's a real wonder that something as simple as preserved fruit could be so complicated. According to convention and common knowledge... Jelly: Just the juice, nothing but the juice. And sugar. No seeds, [...]
LunaGrown Raspberry with seeds

Goodness In Seeds

Seeds and Nutrition in Jam and Preserves Quite often people ask if LunaGrown Jam's contain the seeds or skins of the fruits used. The answer is always Yes, whenever possible. Realizing that some need to avoid seeds due to diverticulitis, and others may have ill fitting dentures which can be troublesome. To these folks we [...]
LunaGrown Wild blueberries ingredients

Jam Ingredients Explained! What’s really In My Jam?

What Ingredients Are Really In My Jam? Do ingredients really make that much of a difference when it comes to flavor or nutritional value? During our research we were surprised at the ingredients of some products on the market. Below is what we learned. One of the main reasons LunaGrown came into being was the lack of [...]
LunaGrown Jelly

Pectin The Wonder Nutrient

Pectin The Wonder Nutrient Pectin is abundantly contained in apples and citrus fruits. It can be used to produce jams and jelly. Few people have attached great importance to this nutrient. This is because it plays a tiny role in nourishing the human body. According to medical research, it is known to slow the activity of enzymes [...]
strawberry jam and toast

7 Truths You’ll Want to Know About Fruit Jams

Fruit Jams: Make Your Body Healthier Knowledge is power. By knowing the truth about fruit jams you will be able to make positive, healthy decisions, and choices when it comes to your diet. The choices you make today for yourself and your family will define their eating habits for generations. How can Jam make my body [...]