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LunaGrown Image Gallery

I Love Photographs! More than enjoying the fun of taking them and seeing how they turn out, I love sharing them. I’ll post a new gallery as photos become available. With each new season comes a new opportunity to catch some really fun photos. I hope you enjoy and please feel free to share with your friends and family.

As LunaGrown grows and expands we like to document our journey with photographs and of course media clippings when we can. This for us is a way to know we are on the right track and share our journey with you as you will see below in our slideshow gallery.

Did you know that LunaGrown was started with a budget of less than $100? Sounds crazy doesn’t it? Of course, we’ve had a bit of help, and with good friends hope to continue to grow. We believe that jam should taste like the fruit it was made from and so far have been successful in this endeavor. This is one of the reasons you will rarely find garlic, horseradish, or other non-traditional jam made in our kitchen, we’ll leave that to other fine artisans.

For those asking who takes our photographs, well we do. All photographs are taken by the creator of LunaGrown Jam, then cropped and posted in a gallery for your enjoyment.

If you would like to see the gallery full screen just click the photo. Enjoy!!