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LunaGrown Cranberry Jam is a gentle combination of Cranberries, finely minced oranges and winter spices. This jam pairs wonderfully with all your activities. A grand addition to your wine and cheese gathering, or for a quiet moment with a warm muffin.Temple Sinai Kosher



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Traditional Savory Cranberry

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LunaGrown Cranberry Jam is a savory combination of Cranberries, finely minced oranges, and spices. This jam pairs wonderfully with all your activities. A grand addition to your wine and cheese gathering, or for a quiet moment with a warm muffin.

LunaGrown uses cranberries and oranges grown here in the USA. We create a limited supply of this delicious jam to meet the needs of the holiday season.

“The name “cranberry” comes from “craneberry”, because when the English settlers first saw the fruit, they thought to themselves, “Blimey! This wee berry and its expanding flower, and petals resemble the neck, head, and bill of crane. Tis a jolly good treat! Cheers!” (I am fairly confident that those were the exact words.)” HelloGiggles

As with all our products LunaGrown relies on the natural sugars of the fruit for the bulk of our sweetness. You won’t find any added artificial ingredients in any of our products. By creating our jam in this fashion we help you to discover new ways of enjoying, and serving jam.

At LunaGrown we love our cheeses and have done our best to share our take on the pairing of cheese and jam. Not all pairings are an easy match but LunaGrown Cranberry Jam is a safe choice no matter what cheese you are enjoying. Remember if you are adding wine to the gathering we suggest a Pinot Grigio /Pinot Gris.

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8 fluid ounces


Water, Cane Sugar, Cranberries, Orange Juice, Orange Zest, Less than 2% of: Citric Acid, Flavor, Pectin, Spice

Special Note

This product is seasonal. Autumn

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  1. Kasha @ The FarmGirl Cooks

    I’ve used LunaGrown’s Cranberry Jam in my famous ‘jam crumble bars’ for several years. These cookies are autumn perfection and gorgeously colored thanks to the vibrant jam. The cinnamon and citrus notes pair beautifully with the tart cranberries to create a fantastic cranberry mayo for post-holiday turkey sandwiches. You won’t be disappointed with this jam in either sweet or savory applications.

  2. Jen Burke

    The cranberry jam is fantastic! I love it on toast, paired with goat cheese, and on turkey/tofurkey sandwiches with all the Thanksgiving leftovers! The empty jars even make sweet little shabby chic vases. Luna Grown jams are fabulous gifts as well!

  3. John Adams (verified owner)

    Friend loved as well. The Cranberry I have had before it is divine!

  4. Mitchell (verified owner)

    Always great with turkey

  5. Mitchell (verified owner)

    Will never use that gelatinous canned cranberry junk ever again on turkey.

    Image #1 from Mitchell
  6. Joanne S. (verified owner)

    New for me .. very good!

  7. Traci Vassoler (verified owner)

    Another favorite

  8. Mary Combs (verified owner)

    Love this for thumbprint cookies!

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