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LunaGrown Lemon Marmalade with Lavender is a delicate experience for your palate. We create our traditional Lemon Marmalade, infuse Culinary Lavender, and a kiss of vanilla. This brings your senses an additional treat on any day. A relaxing way to watch the sunrise or sunset.

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LunaGrown Lemon Marmalade with Lavender is a delicate experience for your palate. We create our traditional Lemon Marmalade with beautiful sun-ripe lemons, infuse culinary Lavender, and add a kiss of vanilla. This brings your senses an additional treat on warm summer days. A relaxing way to watch the sunset.

Our Lemon Marmalade with Lavender is wonderful in all its traditional uses. We suggest you add a teaspoon of this to your summer cocktails or winter tea rather than the classic sweeteners. Perhaps blended with some ice for a light summer cool down on a hot afternoon.

“Lavender is by far one of my favorite herbs. Not only is it beautiful, but it has hundreds of uses. It is a fragrant aromatic, a relaxing herb, and it can be used in baking, lotion making, gourmet cooking, tea making, tinctures, and much more.” Wellness Mama

As with all our products LunaGrown relies on the natural sugars of the fruit for the bulk of our sweetness. You won’t find any added artificial ingredients in any of our products. By creating our jam in this fashion we help you to discover new ways of enjoying, and serving jam.

We have explored numerous uses for our Lemon Marmalade with Lavender. Our two favorites are Lemon Lavender tea and Lemon Lavender Scones served with LunaGrown Lemon Marmalade with Lavender. A delicate delight for the season.

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8 fluid ounces


USDA Certified Organic Lemons, water, pure cane sugar, USDA Certified Organic Lavender, vanilla, pectin, citric acid

Special Note

This product is available year-round, pending lemon availability.

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  1. John Allegro

    My favorite pie growing up was lemon meringue. It was one of the only foods that I did not “deconstruct” as I ate it – I would take a forkful of flaky crust, lemon filling, and meringue, and enjoy the combination of flavors. Luna Grown’s Lemon Marmalade took me back to the childhood joy of the surprise that was a lemon meringue pie. I never expected anything quite like this when opening a jar of jam. LG’s lemon marmalade is balanced with real lemon – and lots of it, a smooth texture, and a slight hint of vanilla. All of which remind me of that great pie experience, but better and fresher. It’s also quite visually pleasing, with thin slices of full-round lemon suspended throughout the jam. I used it on toast every day until there wasn’t enough left. Then I used a spoon to eat whatever I couldn’t grab with the knife. Then I was sad, because it was all gone. Highly recommended – Buy two!

  2. Alice Sprague

    LunaGrown has the best jam ever. I have had most of all of them and my family really enjoys the fresh flavor just like summer!!!

    I particularly like the Lavender Lemon Marmalade …..take a tablespoon full, more or less, and pour it over an ice cold Vodka Tonic and lime on a hot day in the summer……….to die for!!!!! Try it you will love it for sure.

  3. Ken Lawson

    I love the flavor of lemon, and when I saw the lemon marmalade on the web site, I had to buy a jar and try it out. Without a doubt it was out of this world. I have two other flavors yet to try, but if they are anything like the lemon marmalade, they will be great also. I’m coming back for more when I finish the second jar.

  4. Joan R. (verified owner)

    Delicious- perfect balamce of tart and sweet, with real fruit throughout. So far, great in cookies or spread on toast, and looking for other ways to use it

  5. John Green (verified owner)

    Exceptionally wonderful product! And, not too sweet.

  6. Anne Wood (verified owner)

    I haven’t eaten this batch yet, but I’ve never had a bad batch yet. This and your onion jam are my favorites!

  7. Joanne S. (verified owner)

    One of my faves .. so deliciously interesting!

  8. Vicki Hoffman (verified owner)

    Light and delicious. Just the right amount of sweet and tart. This is the marmalade you want to buy jars and jars of so you don’t run out of it until the next time its produced!

  9. Joanne S. (verified owner)

    One of my 3 most favorite varieties! Complex and delicious.

  10. KENNETH LAWSON (verified owner)

    Being a pre-diabetic, I am always looking for low sugar content foods. This Lemon Marmalade has only 5 sugars. So it is good for me and you. Also, you will love the flavor.

  11. Dawn B. (verified owner)

    all time favorite

  12. Traci Vassoler (verified owner)

    My favorite

  13. Carol L. (verified owner)

    Fun, unique flavor.

  14. Joanne S. (verified owner)

    Re-order this all the time – LOVE it!

  15. Traci V. (verified owner)

    Love it!!

  16. Anonymous (verified owner)

    My favorite, so delicious!!

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