Luna Reports Spring On The Farm

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“Where is that boy with my drink?”

Luna Girl’s Thoughts on Spring at the Farm

“I should begin by saying it’s been a wonderful spring into summer this year. We’ve really had some wonderfully pleasant days. Even the deer and the gopher must be pleased as they haven’t done their usual damage and have found other nice things to eat.

Bull Frog

One of the smaller Bullfrogs

We are loaded with both snapping turtles and painted turtles this year. The pond is just brimming with life as the bullfrogs are back and many small tadpoles that will become grass frogs are numerous. Sometimes early in the morning you can see a fish or two jump. Like I said it’s been an amazing spring into summer. We hope this continues.

Sadly we lost a few grape vines this year due to the extreme cold. However they have been replaced and look to have a strong and healthy beginning. Mother nature can sure be tricky sometimes. Our currants, both red and black seem to be fairing well and our gooseberries are abundant! They have allot of prickers though, so I can’t get my nose in them to find out if they are good to eat or not.

Construction continues on the barn and kitchen. With all the new people showing up I get extra attention and sometimes a few biscuits. Of course greeting all these new people sometimes just wears me out and I have to rest in the shade. But a girl’s gotta make sure the guys hanging around are there to get the job done.

July will be busy for all of us with harvest of the fruit and keeping up on the fields. I will make sure the deer and gopher stay their distance.  There isn’t allot of down time now for romping but I’m doing my best to fit that into the schedule as well.

We will be taking the Independence Holiday for enjoyment and I’ve told Chris that he should do the same as July is shaping up to be a busy month.

As always
May your tummy be full and your flea collar working!”

Luna paw trans


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