Luna Iron Horse Hotel Milwaukee, Wisconsin
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The Sweetest Holiday Travels For a Pup Named Luna

Luna Iron Horse Hotel Milwaukee, Wisconsin
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Luna Travels for the Holidays

My humans call this month December. I remember because we start our聽travels聽and I get to wear a coat.

There is always a great deal of visiting and I see human friends that I don’t usually see everyday.

Sometimes there are gatherings and I am lucky to get a crunchy broccoli slipped to me, or even a sweet cookie, which I’m not supposed to have.

Sometimes they bring a tree into the house, sometimes not. At times it is聽a bit much, so I just nap for a bit.

For the human turkey and potato gathering our聽travels took us to the Mid-west to visit聽with relatives. The ride through the rolling mountains of Pennsylvania is always very nice. There was a very large and beautiful tree in Detroit, Michigan.

From there we traveled on to Milwaukee, Wisconsin where I greeted聽a bowl of fresh water and some very nice bones at the hotel entrance provided by the staff.

They even had a Human and Pup lounge where we could all sit on the couch and enjoy breakfast together. Very Impressive!

From there is was聽on to聽relax聽with relatives in Chicago, Illinois. 聽From what I can gather聽from my humans talking, the architecture in these cities is聽something quite special.

After our enjoyable visits,聽it was back to New York. The wet snow came to the farm, but by the time I got there it was just mud.

I don’t know why Benny won’t come to the farm anymore in the mud, but we still have much going on before the winter and he likes to play.

So I guess for now it’s okay. I can show him everything toward the end of the month.

Our travels will continue into the new year to various places in the United States. Mostly in the south.

I will try to keep up with my writings, but if I am at the beach, well then I am at the beach digging up those spitting things.

Chris and Benny will remain close to home. I don’t know if Ben likes to travel, I will ask him when I see him next.

I hope your December and your travels this season are safe and bring you to places with people who are grateful for your company. Remember when you visit聽bring聽a thank you gift. It’s important being聽hospitable no matter how rushed you are.

Chris says jam is a nice thank you offering. I say you will never be forgotten if you bring enough dog treats for everyone! (Chris says I’m right!)

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