Peak Leaf Viewing


It’s Peak Leaf Viewing Time

It has been a busy month for me. We had relatives visiting from overseas whom I love to see. Also I got to spend a week at the beach. This really is the best time to go. There are no people yelling to get me off their sand (like it’s theirs anyway) so I can chase the water and the birds. I like to dig at those things in the sand that spit up water, I don’t know what they are but I like to dig at them anyway. The weather is cooler on the beach this time of year and there are no sand Fleas!!!

Now i’m back at the farm. It seems to me to be a bit warmer than it should be, almost hot actually. I see the warm weather has awoken those things that sting when you bite them as well as those round things my humans call lady bugs. The are everywhere and had to be sucked off the windows in the barn. I just sat outside and watched the trees.

I hear my humans say how beautiful the colors are this year and that this is the peak week for viewing. They say the colors are beautiful every year. Personally I don’t know what they are talking about. Either way I’ll share some of their photos with you here, they tell me there is a difference, you’ll have to judge for yourself. I have let my Human friend describe his view, and I have described mine.

Chris said he hopes to be ready for paint in the kitchen by Monday. I hope he brings Benny up for some run time this weekend.

This is the time things kind of slow down for us now. All the harvests are done and the fields, for the most part are prepped for the winter. There will be some minor exterior work to be done , there always is.

Remember that no matter how you see the world, the colors are not the same for everyone you meet. This includes humans! Be happy and enjoy all life brings your way!