Luna in the woods

About Rain and Mud Holes

Luna in the woods

About Rain and Mud Holes

Remember what I mentioned about mud holes? I think maybe I forgot to wish that they were not so abundant. We certainly did get a crop of summer storms last week, and my extraordinary senses tell me we’re in for some more this week. I don’t know if they will be as strong, but yes some more summer pop up rain.

That’s the thing with farming isn’t it, sometimes there’s too much rain and sometimes there isn’t enough. I think we fared pretty well. Certainly the birds were happy. I watched them eat their fill of those crawly little things my human companions smash. They call them bugs. I don’t like them either, so I don’t think I would eat them on purpose. I don’t like the ones that land on my back, you can never catch them fast enough to get a good bite back. I hope the birds eat them all.

elecMy human Markus worked all this past week digging ditches, even with the challenges the rain presented he rose to the occasion. I thought it was for the rain to go in, but I heard them mention electric. I know that means a box in the wall that blows cold air when it’s warm out. I’m glad they are working on that for me. I will hint that it would be nice to have a tall cold box that produces crunchy broccoli. My Favorite!

So this is the thing they put in the ground. I sniffed all around it but can’t tell what it is exactly. Ben might know when he comes to visit next. I know Ben does not like baths too well and likes to get mud in the bed so he has not been to visit this past week or two.

If I had to guess, this thing is what makes the cold air box work. I don’t concern myself with the how and why. But it is an interesting new addition isn’t it.  I’m sure it will be fun to leave my scent on once it’s not so muddy.

I am considering asking my humans for some time back in the city lights, just a few days until the ground dries out up here. Even the grass in some areas is too tall to really enjoy unless you are a frog. It will be a nice change

I hope your cold air box is working well and the sun is greeting your mornings!

Luna in the skid steer

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