American Sandwich
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Remaking the Classic American Sandwich 馃攰

American Sandwich
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Remaking the Classic American Sandwich

Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are truly an American classic. For some of us, it's time the sandwich grew up like we did. Just a few thoughts on bringing your sandwich to the palatable place you want it.聽Guaranteed to revitalize your faith in the P, B and J tradition.

1. Ditch the jelly. Jams and preserves have a little more body to them; they spread evenly onto your sandwich and most importantly they contain fiber. Fiber will help your body keep your sugars at a normal level, avoiding the unhealthy peaks that some jellies lend themselves too. 聽Jams and preserves come in many flavors and variations as well. Substitute in some strawberry, blueberry聽or raspberry preserves instead of your typical grape flavors.

2. Make your own nut butter! Most peanut butters consumers buy are loaded with additional fat, sugars, and in some cases preservatives.聽When you combine that with a truckload of calories, your simple sandwich isn't looking so appetizing anymore! Fear not, however, for all natural ingredients are coming to the rescue. Buy your favorite nuts and process them in the food processor, use a minute amount of coconut oil (the firm kind) or a few pats of butter. This will supply the natural nut oils and deliver a heaping dose of monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats: fatty acids that are vital for your health!

3. Now that two bases have been covered, it is time to bring it home with the bread. Quality bread products made from healthy whole grains, fibers, and proteins will聽keep you energized with good, complex carbohydrates throughout the day.聽A whole grain or nut bread can only add to your taste experience.

The sandwich is complete! Remember, though, that a picture speaks a thousand words. Presentation is everything these days, and that square little sandwich is your canvas. For the timid, try a diagonal slice instead of your standard rectangle. For the more energetic, go for quarters!

A true champion, however, will break out the cookie cutters and really start getting creative. Nothing is quite as patriotic as a plateful of star-shaped peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, served up fresh on a national holiday.

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