Small Pleasures Bring Great Joy

Ben and Luna simple pleasures
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The Joy of Good Company

Benny finally made it up to the farm this week for a visit. He is my friend and lives with his human companion Chris. With our busy schedules we don’t get to visit as often as we would like so we make the most of it. Which is important in any friendship. I showed Ben what has been accomplished in our kitchen area and he agreed that everything is going along smoothly. He congratulated me on the progress and the ability to keep my humans happy during such an undertaking. We agree it is important that they are walked daily or at least take time to exercise by throwing a ball.

We spent a good deal of time inspecting the fields and discussing the lack of rain. Ben was amazed at how low the water was in the pond and how dry some of the berry plants looked. We have seen this before though and every year is a new experience. Later in the day Markus took us for a ride in the open car that only goes on the farm. It is our favorite thing to do. Sometimes we’ll just sit on the front seat together hoping one of our human companions gets the hint! Usually they do, but they don’t always, like the hint about the crunchy broccoli and asparagus I’ve been mentioning.

Ben and I run so much we usually rest on the cool floor outside the barn in the afternoon, although it was so nice to see him I shared my raised farm bed with him. Ben and I have known each other for more years than I have dupe paws. Time really does not matter though when you have good company to enjoy it with. I am very glad all my humans get along. Of course we can’t get along with everyone, some creatures have butts that just don’t smell right and you can’t trust them.

Ben mentioned how exciting it is for him to see my humans, Paul and Markus, as he does not often get human visitors at his home. He said there are some that walk by and he calls to them to stop and visit. He said they get this scared look and back away. It seems the cats there feel the same way. He commented that a human in a brown truck stops by and leaves packages but won’t visit either. I explained to him those are called UPS humans and they are afraid of our kind so he should stop asking him to play.

Ben and I finished our conversation over a bowl of cool water. We talked of our upcoming plans for the fall. We agreed we need to try to get afternoons together more often. Although we both understand the busy lives of our humans and look forward to days ahead.

Always cherish the moments you have with those that bring you the smallest amount of joy! Remember, it’s better to ride with the wind in your face, than to put your head out the side window and watch the world go by. You can share that wisdom with a friend!


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