Summer is Here

Luna of LunaGrown
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Summer Has Arrived

June certainly bloomed into summer, didn’t it? The past few weeks have been hot ones. Perfect for morning romps and afternoon naps though. The evenings have just been beautiful on the farm and in the city. One of the best things about the warmer months is all the incredible things to smell, from street vendors in the city with their exotic foods and wares to flowers and berries, bear poop and new baby pine trees up on the farm.

We are continuing to work on our building and cannot wait to begin the interior. For the most part, everything is moving as planned with only a few bumps. As you can see the patio is a wonderfully cool spot to rest on.

The new grapes are looking very healthy and we are all working diligently to make sure they are off to a good start. I have my human companions on a strict inspection schedule this year for all the plants. With a little effort and forethought on my part, I’m sure they can manage an abundant harvest.

It seems that I have done a pretty good job at keeping the deer and groundhogs at bay. My human companion, Paul did hang these things in the field that smell like wash bars. The things humans use to clean themselves with rather than their tongues. I think they are called soaps. Anyway, they seem to help. I don’t know how maybe the deer don’t like human baths. I think they are fun on occasion.

So this is the holiday humans shoot sparkly things into the air and make a bunch of noise. Not one of my favorite times as all that noise does not create rain like nature intended, and it just scares the birds and my fellow dog brethren. The only saving grace is there are always people dropping ice cream, and other goodies that sometimes go unnoticed. Although my companions keep a pretty sharp eye on me.

As I mentioned this will be a vacation week for all of us. Chris’s last market for the week will be Tuesday, July 1st at Bialas Farms and I told him to take the rest of the week to himself and mow his yard or something. My companions and I are off to the Berkshires to see James Taylor. As a service girl, I am honored to be attending. I know that things just would not go smoothly without me there. I like James Taylor too so it should be an enjoyable experience.

Be kind to my brothers and sisters when you shoot those sparkly things into the air this holiday, some of us don’t handle it as well as others.

Treat each other well and may your mud holes be cool and free from wasps!

Luna on the front porch
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