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peanut butter concord grape

LunaGrown Grape Jelly

LunaGrown Grape Jelly 2013 has been an incredible harvest year, not only for our local vegetable growers, but also for us fruit and berry growers. Our grapes are of the wine variety so I don’t make jam out of them. However I was lucky enough to acquire some local organic Concord grapes. Now you can […]

LunaGrown thumbprint cookies

Jam-in Cookies

Jam Filled Sugar Cookies Hallongrotta, also known as Thumbprint cookies, are traditional in Sweden. The name Hallongrotta means 'Raspberry Cave" which just sounds so magic! Of course, given the name means Raspberry Cave, we can discern that traditionally these cookies were created using raspberry jam. All lasting traditions grow and change over time and the [...]
cinnamon french toast

Cinnamon Bread with Jam

Cinnamon Bread with Jam I love Cinnamon, I love cinnamon toast, cinnamon rolls, cinnamon Jam, cinnamon in my chili and Cinnamon bread. The nice thing about making cinnamon bread is it’s versatility. You can make it into a loaf or a ring, or cut it into rolls, it can be toasted, frozen, dunked, made into […]

Turkey sandwich with Pineapple Jam

Pineapple Cakes

Pineapple Cakes This is a sandwich! Well yes it is! I personally love Pineapple Jam on a Turkey Melt or a Ham and Swiss Melt. Or of course Pineapple Jam on pancakes with blueberries and walnuts sometimes with a bit of warm maple syrup. Then again Pineapple Jam makes a real nice glaze on BBQ […]

Marmalade glaze

Easy to Make Marmalade Glaze

Create a Delicious Marmalade Glaze For an Elegant Flare! So many wonderful things to do with a good Marmalade. Marmalade is one spread that I do enjoy on tea biscuits or a nice聽English聽muffin. However it’s applications are as聽versatile聽as any jam. Below is a recipe I enjoy. It has been聽tweaked聽a bit to meet LunaGrown’s style and […]

LunaGrown banner stretch

For Immediate Release-LunaGrown Jams the Internet with Tradition

LunaGrown Jams the Internet with Traditional Favorites FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE March 7, 2014 Contact: Christopher Wilson, We are pleased to announce that LunaGrown is taking a giant leap forward and available for online purchase in the United States. After two fantastic seasons of unparalleled success, we have decided to take advantage of new opportunities. […]

difference in preserves

Jam, Jelly, Preserves, What’s the Difference

Jam, Jelly, Preserves, What's the Difference Jam,聽jelly,聽preserves and conserves;聽fruit聽spreads and butters and Marmalades, oh my! These are just some of the terms associated with preserved聽fruit聽products. It's a real wonder that something as simple as preserved聽fruit聽could be so complicated. According to convention and common knowledge... Jelly: Just the juice, nothing but the juice. And聽sugar. No seeds, [...]
Goodness in seeds

Goodness In Seeds 馃攰

Seeds and Nutrition in Jam and Preserves Quite often people ask if LunaGrown Jam's contain the seeds or skins of the fruits used. The answer is always Yes, whenever possible. Realizing that some need to avoid seeds due to diverticulitis, and others may have ill fitting dentures which can be troublesome. To these folks we [...]