About Rain and Mud Holes

About Rain and Mud Holes Remember what I mentioned about mud holes? I think maybe I forgot to wish that they were not so abundant. We certainly did get a crop of summer storms last week, and my extraordinary senses tell me we’re in for some more this week. I don’t know if they will […]

Summer is Here

Summer Has Arrived June certainly bloomed into summer didn’t it? The past few weeks have been hot ones. Perfect for morning romps and afternoon naps though. The evenings have just been beautiful on the farm and in the city. One of the best things about the warmer months are all the incredible things to smell, […]

LunaGrown Grape Jelly

LunaGrown Grape Jelly 2013 has been an incredible harvest year, not only for our local vegetable growers, but also for us fruit and berry growers. Our grapes are of the wine variety so I don’t make jam out of them. However I was lucky enough to acquire some local organic Concord grapes. Now you can […]

Summer Heat Health with LunaGrown

Beating the Heat with LunaGrown Please, no more complaints about the heat! A little common sense goes along way! Yes it’s summer, and yes there are bound to be heatwaves. Somehow though it gets hotter the more people complain and being crabby about something you can’t change isn’t that good for your health. Anyone who has […]

Apricot Glazed BBQ Chicken

Apricot Glazed BBQ Chicken I have always enjoyed BBQ with the taste of apricot. Pork is nice and you could certainly substitute, but I much prefer chicken legs and thighs. I had tried for years to recreate a recipe that my uncle used, only to fail miserably time and again. When I told him I had […]