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Warm November Days

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Warm November Days and Cool Enchanted Evenings

Is it just me or does November聽seem full of things to smell. The farm smells strong of pine and leaves, of things in the ground I didn’t notice this past spring. It has been warm with only a few days of cold really. When it gets cold the smells will change again, some will be even stronger. It really is an amazing thing this life, so many treats from nature.

When I was walking last week I smelled smoke. I like a nice fire at home, but when you are in the woods in can be somewhat alarming. Not all humans are responsible. But it was just someone burning wood to heat their home. Also I smelled apples, I don’t really care to eat them but they do smell interesting when they start to rot, just like pumpkins.

Poop, there is more poop smells too. Don’t tell Benny though, he’ll roll in it. I think there is more poop as other animals are still storing food and finishing their winter homes. Or just running and exercising this nice November. Either way there is more animal poop smells than there was this spring.

Poor Benny with these few warm days. You see he loves to run and then play in the leaves, with these warm days the fleas have their parties and they just love Ben. They actually love his rump. I know because I saw some there when I was saying hello to him. I hope his human takes care of this very quickly.

I have been enjoying my travels and progress at the farm continues. The roads are looking to be in good condition for this winter. Chris is close to scheduling the kitchen inspection with the state. My companions have installed a gate so people don’t accidentally visit and get lost. Oh and that box in the wall that blows cold air, well it also blows hot air! Perfect for the cool evenings!

Soon it will be that time when strangers make loud noises in the woods. I think it is called hunting. I don’t like it. I don’t like the noises and you can never tell where they are coming from. My companions put notices up all over the farm, but you never know. We found litter last week. If I hear loud noises I know to go to the car or the barn. I don’t know if Ben has hear the noises yet. I will make sure to warn him.

Soon it will be cold in the evenings and the smells will change, the stars will be even brighter and the night sky crisp. It is beautiful to enjoy!

I hope you take the time to experience each moment, as they go by so quickly, and each one is full of magic! You can tell your human friends I said so!

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