Winter Cranberry Jam



Our Winter Cranberry Jam, a delightful combination of Cranberries and Strawberries to brighten those dull winter days. An excellent addition to your mornings.
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Our Winter Cranberry Jam

Winter Cranberry Jam Nutrition Label

LunaGrown’s Winter Cranberry Jam is created with seasonally fresh cranberries and local strawberries.

Create memories with an amazing treat to marvel over with friends and family. Our Winter Cranberry Jam is just the treat. An amazing addition to your cheese pairing. We suggest any cheese from the mild options such as Muenster or Havarti perhaps a mild cheddar, swiss Emmental, or cream cheese.

“In the end, your creativity — perhaps even your outrageousness — will determine the final result.” Bobby Flay

As with all our products LunaGrown relies on the natural sugars of the fruit for the bulk of our sweetness. You won’t find any added artificial ingredients in any of our products. By creating our jam in this fashion we help you to discover new ways of enjoying, and serving jams.

Winter Cranberry Jam is a welcome and fanciful addition to Belgian Waffles. Just warm the preserves up a bit and serve over your favorite waffles with dark chocolate and fresh fruit on a beautiful winter morning. Now that’s a memory worth holding onto.

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8 fluid ounces


Cane Sugar, Water, Strawberries, Cranberries, Pectin, Citric Acid, Spice

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This product is seasonal.


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