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Blood Orange Marmalade and Date Nut Bread

Blood Orange Marmalade

LunaGrown is always pleased when it is Marmalade season, and for us it’s the winter time. Our favorite is the Blood Orange Marmalade which we create with Moro Blood Oranges.

There are three main types of blood oranges: moro, tarocco and sanguinello. Blood oranges are available from December to April, depending on weather patterns and what the market calls for in your area. Moros are the most common blood oranges in the USA. They are pleasingly sweet-tart flavored and some compare them to Oranges with a hint of Raspberry.

Tarocco blood oranges are less popular than the Moro in the U.S., however they remain cherished throughout Europe, especially in Italy, for their delicate, sweet flavor.聽A Sanguinello blood orange often has a rose-tinted rind, yet its flesh is usually a lighter dappled mix of red and yellow.

Anthocyanin,聽the red pigment that provides the blood orange’s distinctive coloration, is an antioxidant. Antioxidants may provide the body with additional protection against cancer and heart disease. Anthocyanin in particular seems to help lower LDL or “bad” cholesterol levels and keep blood vessels flexible and strong.聽Since the most brightly colored foods are also the ones packed with the most cancer-fighting antioxidants, blood oranges are a powerhouse of nutrition. They are also a great source of vitamin C, fiber and potassium.

The Blood Orange Marmalade is one of LunaGrown’s most popular Jams and one of our favorites, we hope you take the time to try some this winter season. 聽One of our ways to enjoy Blood Orange Marmalade is on a nice date nut bread. 聽This recipe was originally published in Good Housekeeping, and has been a favorite for many years. 聽Enjoy with our Blood Orange Marmalade or one of our other popular Marmalades!

LunaGrown Blood Orange Marmalade
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