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LunaGrown Presents Quick Video Ideas

Using LunaGrown jam in your daily food preparation is a nice way to add some flavor without all the hidden ingredients. Below we offer you some quick video ideas to help you get creative with your jam. The recipes for these are found here on the site. Please Enjoy!

Grilled Toast With Jam and Fresh Fruit

Middle of the day and the snack time hunger hits. You can either grab a candy bar or a Hostess Ring Ding. Perhaps just a couple pieces of toast with a little jam and some fresh fruit will get you through the rest of the afternoon. It’s certainly a healthier choice than the aforementioned suggestions. Something to consider next time the cravings kick in.

LunaGrown Spicy Cream Cheese and Jam Dip

This is so easy to whip up and so amazing at any gathering. You may serve this dip with any type of raw vegetable or with crackers and artisan bread. Here we used LunaGrown Blackberry Jam, however you may choose to utilize your favorite LunaGrown Jam. Make this as spicy or as mild as you like by adjusting the amount of hot sauce you use. We like Johnny A’s “Anxiety” Hot Sauce.

LunaGrown Blueberry Jam in Oatmeal

Tired of that instant morning oatmeal with dried fruit pieces? Try some real oatmeal. Skip the sugar and use LunaGrown jam for a flavorful way to start your morning. Add some additional fresh fruits to add some excitement and some whole grain toast. You’ll hit the day full of healthy energy without that late morning lag.

LunaGrown Jam Filled Cookies

LunaGrown loves these cookies. They are wonderfully tasteful and the options using LunaGrown Jam as a filler are endless. A memorable gift or addition to any social gathering. LunaGrown Jam filled cookies are a delight for both young and old. We have provided you with a printable聽version of the recipe with the article “Jam Filled Cookies“.

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