The Sweetest Holiday Travels For a Pup Named Luna

Luna Travels for the Holidays My humans call this month December. I remember because we start our travels and I get to wear a coat. There is always a great deal of visiting and I see human friends that I don’t usually see everyday. Sometimes there are gatherings and I am lucky to get a crunchy broccoli […]

Holiday Dinner With LunaGrown

Holiday Dinner With LunaGrown We are very pleased to share with you some of our favorite holiday recipes.  We begin with a wonderful holiday cocktail and goat cheese appetizer. Onto our Pineapple Glazed Ham served with sauteed carrots and parsnips in a nice apricot sauce, and for dessert a classic Swiss Jelly Roll. We hope […]

LunaGrown Holidays 2012

LunaGrown Holiday Gift Packages 2012 Holidays come and gone. Here are some ghosts from the past. Our packaging was done in-house. All photographs taken by Linda Lou Bartle, Spirits provided by Warwick Winery. The holiday season is upon us and what a wonderful time to remember our past and to be grateful for all that may unfold […]