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LunaGrown Jam Word Search

LunaGrown Word Search A word search! Some extra fun for those blah聽days. Winter snow, spring rain, summer storm or Autumn chill, we've got just the thing to keep your mind occupied. Of course, this puzzle is so much easier with an open jar of LunaGrown jam by your side. Fifty-two words that describe our products, [...]
beyond the bread cover

Beyond The Bread, Print Edition from LunaGrown

LunaGrown is proud to release "Beyond the Bread - Tasteful Exploration With Jam & Marmalade" Beyond the Bread finally arrives in print. Beautifully arranged with easy to follow recipes and tips. This 146 page full color book will be a joy for generations. This beautiful book written by the Jam Maker himself, includes breathtaking images [...]
summer cucumber cocktail with lunagrown chipotle jelly

Spice Up Your Summer Nights with Tasty Jam Cocktails

聽Spice Up Your Summer Nights with Tasty Jam Cocktails We offer up some spicy summer favorites to enjoy poolside, at an evening BBQ with great friends, or perhaps while enjoying the solitude of a summer’s sunset. Just a spoonful of jam in your summer cocktail can make all the difference in the world. Try some […]

Favorite Recipes

LunaGrown Recipes Using Jam & Marmalade

Enjoy A聽Favorite Recipe from LunaGrown A recipe using LunaGrown Jam. If you’ve taken the time to explore the distinguished taste of LunaGrown jam, you will more than likely be looking for excuses to use it聽every chance you can. These are some of our favorite recipes. We have tried them in our own kitchen prior to […]

Cocktails with Jam

Holiday Cocktails You’ll Love to Create

Holiday Cocktails with LunaGrown Jam Warm聽your holidays with these deliciously creative holiday cocktails from LunaGrown Jam. Whether it be a cold snowy afternoon or a cool winter's day at the beach, these cocktail recipes will add a little happiness to your step.聽聽These beverages are聽created and approved by our team of taste testers. Do something extra [...]
blueberry jam lemonade

Delicious Summer Jam Drinks

Summertime Jam Drinks Summertime and it’s hot! Nothing better on a warm afternoon or evening than a cool summer beverage. Yes there are the standard soda drinks, the sugar ‘juices’, and others. But what about that nice homemade Lemonade or Iced Tea. 聽Wouldn’t it be even better if you could forego most of that sugar […]