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All About Benny – Part One

All About Benny – Part One

All About Benny - Part One 1

About Benny

I’ll tell you what I can about Benny. When it gets too tough, I’ll stop and start again another day.

It’s been some time since I’ve written, really life got busy. When life calls we have to tend it. That’s a dog’s job, to tend to things. We tend our humans, we tend to our fields, our homes, we keep them safe and happy. I’m writing because this needs to be remembered. Benny and I are cut of the same cloth, we knew from the beginning when things just click and it’s as if there wasn’t a before time, it’s just as it’s always been like he’s always been here.

My friend has been limping, his back leg hurts, although you wouldn’t know it. He runs as fast as ever and jumps into the work vehicles, he and Chris still go on long walks. But all this he’s doing on three legs now.

Benny told me he didn’t like the visit to the vet, they pinched his leg and gave him a needle. He said they were not gentle humans. Chris gives him pills now for something called Lyme disease. All the humans seem a little anxious so my human Paul will take my friend Benny to a doctor in Manhattan and maybe soon he can use all his legs.

Bennyit’s odd looking at the fields now in the fall, you can see parts of the plants die back quicker than the others. Some will sleep and come back in the spring rested after a winter’s nap and be ready to bloom and produce great joy. Others won’t return.

My human Paul say’s my friend Ben might have a torn muscle from overdoing it. That means from being a showoff. My other human Markus will take Ben and Chris to see the surgeon next week so they can fix him.

Things will be fine, everyone says ‘Things will be fine” and they usually are, just sometimes a bit different.

Here you can find my first mention of Benny, but we had been friends for 4 years by this time.

*Note from the Jam Maker. Benny was originally diagnosed with Lyme Disease in August of 2016 via a blood test after medication showed no improvement he was taken to additional veterinarians and specialists. On September 5th 2016 Ben was diagnosed with osteosarcoma and his X-Rays showed a great deal of bone loss due to the cancer. Benny stayed active and with the help of medication mostly pain free. Benny died peacefully at home, with assistance from his veterinarian in late February 2017.  Luna will tell his story best she can as he is as much LunaGrown as she.

Ben and Luna of LunaGrown

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