Pairing beer and jam

Correctly Pairing Beer and Jam, That’s Bold!

Pairing Beer, Cheese and Jam: A Guide

Pairing beer with most foods requires an understanding of the flavor profiles presented in your beverage. A general idea of your meal plan or cheese selection will also help you choose the jam that will best complement your favorite brew.

When choosing the correct jam to pair with your beer, one should consider all of the food offerings involved.

For example, a crisp beer such as a cream ale or a wheat ale might have background notes of pears or summer berries. In this case, a pear or berry jam would enhance those flavors. From here, you would choose a cheese or food accompaniment appropriate to the setting.

If you have chosen your food course first and are serving a rich meal of roast beef with plum jam dressing, a strong, hearty ale would be a suitable beer choice.

A general rule to follow when pairing beer and jam is to enhance the nuances present in your beverage. Choose jams or marmalades that won’t compete with or upstage lighter-flavored beverages, and choose darker, more flavorful fruit preserves to pair with heartier beers, stronger cheeses or richer foods.

With the diversity in Brewmaster’s styles and beverage choices, it is important to know your beer’s characteristics. If you are uncertain, ask questions! Our suggested pairings are guidelines for your enjoyment.

If you are creating a cheese and beer pairing it is best to be mindful that neither the beer nor the cheese like to be exposed to oxygen for any length of time. Cut cheeses as you are serving them, and open beers as you are serving them. Some cheeses and beers are best served at room temperature to achieve the height of flavor. Jam however should be served chilled. If you are serving jam in an open dish it is best to chill the dish prior to presentation.

Keep in mind that your Micro Brews and Specialty Beers will offer nuances of their own and should be paired accordingly.

Beer Jam Cheese
  • wild ale, Pairing BeerWild Ale
Peach with Cherry Spicy Blue Cheese
  • Wheat Beer, Pairing BeerHefeweizen
Strawberry Jam Feta or Goat Cheese
  • Wheat Beer, Pairing BeerAmerican Wheat Ale
Blueberry, Blackberry or Rica Barreja Camembert or Fontina Cheese
  • IPA Beer, Pairing BeerIPA
Apple or Pear Jam Sharp Cheddar or Gorgonzola Cheese
  • Pale Ale, Pairing BeerKolsch, Cream Ale, Pale Ale
Lemon Marmalade, Orange Marmalade, Monterey Jack or Gouda Cheese
  • Pale Ale, Pairing BeerStrong Golden Ale
Plum or Peach Jam Goat or Gouda Cheese
  • Dark Ale, Pairing BeerAmber/Red Ale
Apple or Pear Jam Blue Cheese
  • belgian trans, Pairing BeerBelgian Dark Ale
Cranberry Jam or Orange Marmalade Gruyère or Winnimere Cheese
  • Stout Beer, Pairing BeerOld or Strong Ale
Plum Jam Goat or Smoked Gouda Cheese
  • Stout Beer, Pairing BeerImperial Stout
Raspberry Jam Parmigiano-Reggiano or Feta Cheese
  • Stout Beer, Pairing BeerEnglish Brown Ale or Bock
Fig or Raisin Jam Asiago, Cheshire or Colby Cheese
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