Goshen farmers Market Interview
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LunaGrown Interview with Executive Director Barbara Martinez June, 2019

LunaGrown Jam Live with Executive Director Barbara Martinez

For additional ideas on utilizing jam, marmalade and jellies check out our book “Beyond the Bread~ Tasteful Exploration of Jam and Marmalade” available in both聽Print聽and聽Kindle聽editions.

Barbara: (00:00)
have my jet pack powered by Verizon Wireless. From Montgomery, Newburgh, and New Windsor. So it’s recording for now. I think I might try this, but if not I’ll do a do-over with Chris. I just want to make sure that you get to see his booth. You get to see Chris really quick. He is the featured vendor of the week for the Goshen Chamber of Commerce‘s farmer’s market. And he’s also the featured vendor listed in the Goshen Independent. So there’s Chris. He’s doing a little transaction first, with his beautiful shopper here who just got her Goshen Indy. Uh, all right. So we got our Goshen Indy here. Hi ChrisChris: (00:39)
Hi.Barbara: (00:40)
LunaGrownChris: (00:40)
LunaGrown Jam. Beautiful Day here in Goshen.
Barbara: (00:42)
And how long have you been in business?
Chris: (00:46)
We’ve been in business since 2012 and we’ve been in Goshen since 2012.
Barbara: (00:50)
and you are a proud committee member of the Goshen Chamber of Commerce farmer’s Market Committee. So He’s here, he’s a fixture and he’s a constant. Um, he’s got you. He had me try for the first time is lemon lavender jam and that was awesome. Um, but there’s all kinds of flavors. What are some of the flavors that people can find here?
Chris: (01:10)
Today We have raspberry, we have strawberry um, onion is a very popular one this year to pair with meats and any of the products that we have our wonderful to pair with other vendors in the Goshen market, bread and cheeses and meats, and vegetables. You saut茅 vegetables with a little jam inside. Absolutely amazing.
Barbara: (01:36)
I just was over at go goat’s [cheese] tent and she showed me one of her containers that has your,
Chris: (01:44)
That has the lemon lavender marmalade with beautiful goat cheese. Yes.
Barbara: (01:48)
So if in case you guys didn’t know the [Goshen] farmer’s market has an awesome Facebook page, that Facebook page is this guy right here. So all those thoughtful stories, all those combinations of recipes, everything’s has to do with the farmer’s market. This guy putting it together and you know, I love Facebook posting and all that stuff. So when I see someone that does it the right way, it just, I get all like, okay, this is it. This is the kindred spirit right here.
Chris: (02:16)
We’re here for the community
Barbara: (02:17)
and for the farmer’s market and the market vendors
Chris: (02:20)
Yes, we want it all together.
Barbara: (02:21)
So this week he’s the featured vendor of the Goshen Indy. So you pick up the Goshen Indy right here at his booth. The LunaGrown booth. Okay. He’s going to be here until five o’clock. Pick up the Goshen, Indy checkout the recipe is the Goshen farm to table, plant-based recipe by Myrtle Peda and Kitchen Garden, strawberry, almond, Biscotti Parfait.
Chris: (02:44)
Barbara: (02:44)
Holy moly.
Chris: (02:46)
Barbara: (02:46)
So which of the jams are they supposed to pick up for this thing? I think anything you do with any of them, right? Where’s the strawberry one? Show us your strawberry jam.
Chris: (02:55)
This is, can we get it here? This strawberry jam.
Barbara: (02:58)
How much do these? This beautiful container.
Chris: (03:01)
It’s $8 for one. Two for $15. and we are a reduced sugar product just more than half of what? More than half the sugar. Less than half the sugar, than the stuff from the supermarket. And we are kosher.
Barbara: (03:16)
Kosher, kosher. You said the magic word. It’s Kosher. Here’s another thing. You have a book. You want to show your book. Alright. So he’s going to pull out his book so he can show you. He’s got a book that he sells here at the farmer’s market as well as a bunch of recipes with his marmalades and his jams. So in case you want to try different recipes that are tried and true, you can get it from his book. What’s your book
Chris: (03:40)
beyond the bread.
Barbara: (03:42)
So Tasteful Exploration with Jams and Marmalade. How much is this book?
Chris: (03:49)
Barbara: (03:49)
$18 you can get it here from Chris. You should check out his website. What’s your website?
Chris: (03:57)
Lunagrown.com L U N A G R O W N.com
Barbara: (04:02)
and you have Facebook.
Chris: (04:05)
We’re on Facebook. LunaGrown if you Google LunaGrown. You’ll find us and we do ship nationwide and we’re selling 32 stores in New York to California. [list of retailers]
Barbara: (04:15)
I just spotted you at Mason’s Marketplace.
Chris: (04:17)
You did. Mason’s marketplace has us on the menu.
Barbara: (04:20)
Oh!, I need to check that out. Okay I’m gonna spot that. Let me show you guys the logo. Okay, so you have are these rottweilers, pit bulls
Chris: (04:29)
Those are pit mixes. They’re both rescue dogs. That’s Luna. Luna-grown, and that’s her companion. Ben.
Barbara: (04:36)
Luna and Ben are part of your logo, I love this. Again, go to LunaGrown.com and learn more about this vendor, but today at the farmer’s market until 5:00 PM pick up your Goshen, Indy from Chris. Tell him the Goshen Chamber of Commerce sent you. Check out the jams, taste a couple of flavors, and then get cooking.
Chris: (04:55)
Get Cooking.
Barbara: (04:55)
All right, thanks Chris.
Chris: (04:57)
Thank You!
Barbara: (04:57)
All right, bye everybody.

For additional ideas on utilizing jam, marmalade and jellies check out our book “Beyond the Bread~ Tasteful Exploration of Jam and Marmalade” available in both Print and Kindle editions.

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