Spectrum News National Farmers’ Market Week August, 2018

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Goshen offers farm fresh foods to first-time visitors and season shoppers alike. Orie Givens takes a closer look at an Orange County farm to table tradition.Orie: (00:03)
Friday is farmers day in Goshen and Edgwick Farms has a bit of a following for their goat cheeses made right at their Cornwall wall farm.Edgwick: (00:18)
We have a Peach pairing this week
Customer: (00:18)
I saw online, I’m very excited
Orie: (00:21)
And markets like the one in Goshen are the farm’s bread and butter.
Edgwick: (00:25)
All of our income [is] from farmer’s markets, [we] sell directly to our customers. We want them to meet the farmer we want them to know where their food is coming from. We want them to taste their cheese.
Orie: (00:36)
Money that goes right back into the business and the local economy.
Edgwick: (00:39)
Those dollars feed our animals, pay for our staff. We hire locally from and pay for things we buy locally so the money stays in the community.
Orie: (00:48)
Organizers say that connecting local farmers with the community is what the weekly market is all about.
Diana Lupinski: (00:53)
You can talk to your farmer here and say, what are your practices, are you a conventional or are you commercial? How much do you really spray, are you certified organic?
Orie: (01:05)
The Goshen farmer’s market has been in business for 26 years, grown from eight farmers to no more than 30 the farmers say that the community here helps farmers thrive.
LunaGrown: (01:13)
This is the first farmer’s market I started in. So for me, it’s been great to grow the business here and grow community.
Orie: (01:20)
But the frequent shoppers, say one thing that makes them choose the farmer’s market over conventional stores. The freshness of the food.
Customer: (01:27)
Because of fresh vegetables, fresh bread. Fresh cheese, it’s all better.
Orie: (01:27)
Promoting that idea of freshness and supporting local growers is the point behind national farmers market week, which runs through Saturday.
Customer: (01:38)
The fact of knowing and being able to speak to the farmers and seeing the people that you’re actually supporting. Whereas when you go to the grocery store, who knows? You have no idea where it’s coming from
Orie: (01:49)
And the farmers are listing.
LunaGrown: (01:50)
It helps us to know what our customers want, what they’re looking for, rather than just going blindly into it.
Orie: (01:55)
Building relationships around fresh food while supporting the region’s rich agricultural industry in Goshen Orie Givens spectrum news.

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