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summer cucumber cocktail with lunagrown chipotle jelly

Spice Up Your Summer Nights with Tasty Jam Cocktails

聽Spice Up Your Summer Nights with Tasty Jam Cocktails We offer up some spicy summer favorites to enjoy poolside, at an evening BBQ with great friends, or perhaps while enjoying the solitude of a summer’s sunset. Just a spoonful of jam in your summer cocktail can make all the difference in the world. Try some […]

Cocktails with Jam

Holiday Cocktails You’ll Love to Create

Holiday Cocktails with LunaGrown Jam Warm聽your holidays with these deliciously creative holiday cocktails from LunaGrown Jam. Whether it be a cold snowy afternoon or a cool winter's day at the beach, these cocktail recipes will add a little happiness to your step.聽聽These beverages are聽created and approved by our team of taste testers. Do something extra [...]
holiday dinner

Holiday Dinner With LunaGrown

Holiday Dinner With LunaGrown We are very pleased to share with you some of our favorite holiday recipes. 聽We begin with a wonderful holiday cocktail and goat cheese appetizer. Onto our Pineapple Glazed Ham served with sauteed carrots and parsnips in a nice apricot sauce, and for dessert a classic Swiss Jelly Roll. We hope […]

strawberry jam

50 Ways to Use Jam

50 Ways to Use Jam, Jelly, &聽Marmalade A multitude of Jam, preserves, jelly and marmalade is what you’ed find If you opened my fridge right now. Then another third is stuffed with condiments. Yet the balance is filled with fruit, and veggies, meats, and dairy. I am a self proclaimed condiment king. I love to […]

cocktails with LunaGrown

Marmalade Cocktails Past To Present

Traditional Marmalade Cocktails Past To Present Serving Marmalade cocktails is classic and chic. Here are some delicious, quintessential recipes from the 1930s, '40s, '50s and today. 聽Now that you know it's a classic, try them out for yourself with one of LunaGrown's special Marmalade's. "One such durable innovation from the past, it's worth noting, is [...]