LunaGrown Wholesale Information

“Offering a product of the highest quality ensures repeat customers and a foundation to create a tradition they long to engage in.”

We would like to Thank you for your interest in retailing our distinguished small batch product. Please be aware that we do not sell LunaGrown to chain stores. If you are a privately owned boutique, specialty shop or restaurant in the United States we would love to hear from you.

You may view our current wholesale catalog here. Please bear in mind the prices shown are not wholesale prices. You need a wholesale account to view them. You may contact us to set up a wholesale account.

Our Wholesale Product

Our standard product comes in a case of twelve (12) 9-ounce jars. We also offer select varieties in both 4-ounce jars (24 per case) and 1/2 gallon pails for commercial use.

Interested retailers may contact LunaGrown via the contact form below to receive current prices/availability as well as additional product specifications. We will contact you directly based on the information you supply.

We do not email price-lists or current varieties but will gladly provide that information upon speaking with you.

Some products are seasonal and will be sold on a first come first serve basis. We create your product when you order it. This ensures freshness for you and your customers.

LunaGrown is fully insured and licensed by The NYS Dept of Agriculture and Markets. We are registered with the FDA.

LunaGrown is a Reduced Sugar Product (FDA guideline “The food contains at least 25 percent less sugar per reference amount customarily consumed than an appropriate reference food as described in 101.13(j)”) LunaGrown is certified Kosher Pareve and registered with the NYS Kosher Authority.

All our products are labeled with bar codes and nutritional information

We look forward to hearing from you.