Our Philosophy

“On days when warmth is the most important need of the human heart, the kitchen is the place you can find it’..E.B.White

Why Choose Distinguished Traditional LunaGrown Jam?

Why LunaGrown Products?

We believe that you deserve a Jam that is pure in its ingredients and provides the true individual features of the fruit it was created from. Many of the fruits we use to create LunaGrown Products, we grow ourselves here in the Hudson Valley. Our wild blueberries, black & red currants, raspberries, grapes, and cherries to name a few are carefully tended by the jam maker himself. Other fruits such as apples and peaches are procured from other local farmers.

Produce that we do not grow we seek from regional farmer’s who’s practices align with ours.

We do not sell our fresh produce but use it specifically in our products. We pay special attention to guarantee that the fruit we chose is carefully harvested, and grown naturally. One might ask the wildlife that freely roams the fields about our attention to the environment.

As today’s food-conscious consumer demands the best in the products they choose. We proudly remain diligent in our understanding of the ever-changing landscape. Offering a product of the highest quality ensures repeat customers and a foundation to create a tradition they long to engage in.

Our Experience Shows!

All LunaGrown Products are grown, harvested, cooked, and canned the old-fashioned way, by hand. This can be a time-consuming process, however, it ensures that the best quality fruits and berries are chosen. This process helps guarantee the freshest, natural flavors of the fruits and berries in our products.

Unlike some mass-produced Jams, LunaGrown Products contain no artificial flavors, colors, or other additives. Our Preserves are lower in added sugar than many you will find on the market, we believe you should be able to taste the natural sugars of the fruit and enjoy the health benefits the fruit and berries have to offer.

With a background in the culinary arts, the recipes for all LunaGrown Products have been developed in our kitchen. Over the years these recipes have become a signature of who we are and how we believe jam and marmalade should taste.

Where You Can Find LunaGrown Products

We sell our products at a variety of establishments here in the Hudson Valley and throughout the greater New York region. We also sell nationally via eCommerce. Some LunaGrown purveyors include our product as an ingredient in their sauces or baked goods while others may offer us as an option on their menu.

Our Ingredients

We use only Pure Cane Sugar in our Jams. The reason for this is that Pure Cane Sugar is not a Genetically Modified Food as most Corn Syrups and Beet Sugar are. Our Fruit Pectin is 100% pure citrus pectin. There are no additives, preservatives, gluten, sugar, or dextrose. LunaGrown Products do not utilize “artificial fruit pieces”. We use no artificial or ‘Natural’ flavorings or colors in our products. Our products are GMO-Free. We are a reduced-sugar product.


Subject to Availability
Please be aware that our varieties change with the growing seasons. The product list may be amended as we rely on mother nature to assist in our creations. Some additional items may be added as the year progresses. We apologize but we do not offer sugar-free or sugar substitute jam.
Our Pricing

We do our very best at LunaGrown to keep our pricing consistent. However, our prices may fluctuate due to circumstances beyond our control such as inclement weather, natural or man-made disasters, blight, world pandemics etc…