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"A riot of flavor in your mouth. Absolutely delicious!" Hillary, Professional Artist

"I have proudly used and will continue to use many of the LunaGrown jams in my products for a long time to come." Monica, Artisan Baker

"Rica Bareja is hands down my favorite! I gave it as favors for my wedding and my guest cannot stop raving about it." Melissa, Art Teacher NYC

"An amazing product with real fruit. I couldn't be more pleased."Ben, Marathon Runner

"This is one of the most delightful jams I’ve ever tasted. Sweet and gentle, like the summer afternoons." Fran, Architect

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LunaGrown Candy Apple Jelly

LunaGrown's Candy Apple Jelly is a treat for all ages. Made simply with apple juice and Red Hot candies it's taken right out of a page of childhood!This jelly is a perfect start to any morning on hot buttermilk biscuits, pancakes or waffles. Our Candy Apple Jelly also makes a beautiful glaze on any dish.Temple Sinai Kosher 

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LunaGrown New York Grape

For our friends that are Grape Jelly enthusiasts we have something special for you. LunaGrown New York Grape, with it's full body flavor will leave you speechless. We juice our own grapes (Concord, Candice, & Riesling) so you are getting honest, natural juice at it's peak. The Jelly is a combination of our grape varieties and certainly speaks for itself.Temple Sinai Kosher

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LunaGrown Razzelberry Jam

LunaGrown Razzleberry Jam is a combination of Raspberries, Blackberries and Wild Blueberries. We combine our fresh berries and cook them in their own juices adding just a touch of sugar to enhance the delicate flavor.If you are a lover of traditional berry jams then Razzleberry Jam is a perfect match for you. A sought after favorite, great for the holiday season!Temple Sinai Kosher 

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LunaGrown “Apple Pie” Apple Jam

LunaGrown blends a variety of apples grown here in the Hudson Valley to bring you this wonderful combination. This apple jam is loaded with full slices of apples and a touch of spice. A hearty touch to your morning muffin or a wonderful addition to oatmeal or yogurt.Temple Sinai Kosher  

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LunaGrown Vanilla Pear Jam

LunaGrown's delicate vanilla Pear Jam is created with locally grown red Bartlett pears. We wait until these are at the prime of ripeness before even considering them for jam. We add a hint of cinnamon and and quite a bit of vanilla. This is a customer favorite, and we do run out quickly.Temple Sinai Kosher 

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Onion Jam from LunaGrown

LunaGrown Onion Jam is made with a touch of maple syrup, complimented by a hint of smooth bourbon. Enjoy a thick layer of onion jam on warm sourdough baguette. Sprinkle a handful of New York sharp cheddar on top, then grill until bubbling and melted. Temple Sinai Kosher

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LunaGrown Cranberry Jam

LunaGrown Cranberry Jam is a gentle combination of Cranberries, finely minced oranges and winter spices. This jam pairs wonderfully with all your activities. A grand addition to your wine and cheese gathering, or for a quiet moment with a warm muffin.Temple Sinai Kosher  

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Black Forest Preserves

Our Black Forest Preserves contain cherries whipped with dark cocoa and a bit of vanilla bourbon. A perfect addition to your holiday season. Excellent with artisan bread or cheese and fruit pairing.Temple Sinai Kosher

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LunaGrown Spiced Fig Jam

Revisit the past with this gentle, fragrant jam on your favorite treats. Our Spiced Fig Jam is great with smoked meats or cheese and is an added indulgence to any gathering. You can bake it with brie and serve it as a beautiful appetizer at your next social event or save it for yourself.Temple Sinai Kosher

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Beyond the Bread ~ Kindle Edition

Kindle version now available from AmazonBeyond the Bread ~ Tasteful Explorations with Jam & Marmalade is your guide to enjoying your favorite jams & marmalades in delightful ways. Enjoy exploring tastes from beverages and pairings to breakfast combinations, gravies, dinners and desserts.

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Beyond the Bread: (Print Edition)

Do you have a cupboard filled with jams you received as gifts and just don’t know what to do with them all? Do you love jams and marmalades but are tired of just having them on toast? Have you discovered a favorite jam or marmalade and want to explore the possibilities? Let our 142-page full-color book be your guide to the perfect pairing.

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