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Marmalade Bread Pudding

Marmalade Bread Pudding
Marmalade Bread Pudding


Marmalade Bread Pudding

Marmalade Bread Pudding is shared with us by Izy Hossack of Top With Cinnamon.

I’d like to say that I grew up spending my childhood summers baking with my Grandma in the countryside. I’d like to be able to recount the stories of picking wild strawberries for strawberry shortcake and learning to make the perfect scones with her. But I can’t do this because the truth is, none of that ever really happened. Unfortunately, I only knew my Grandma for a short period of time so I don’t have stories to tell.

marmalade triangle Izy Hassock

marmalade triangle Izy Hassock

What I do have though are recipes. Recipes written on yellowing paper which my dad always wants me to bake out of nostalgia. They’re typical fruity recipes – Summer pudding, Gooseberry fool, Queen’s pudding and Raspberry Tart. They’re typical but special: accumulated by my Grandma over the years because of the fact that they are the best versions of those recipes.

Bread Pudding Izy Hassock

Bread Pudding Izy Hassock
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This marmalade bread pudding is a prime example. It came from Robert Carrier’s “250 Favourite Recipes from Around the World” which I’ve slightly adapted to make the prep a bit quicker. It’s the perfect way to use marmalade – even if marmalade isn’t your jam (pun intended) – because it’s just such a comforting dish. With a crisp top and creamy center, it’s an ideal spring dessert.

Marmalade Bread Pudding

For the bread

  • 10 tablespoons (6 oz) softened butter
  • 10-12slices of thick-cut, white bread
  • tablespoons marmalade
  • large oranges, zested and juiced
  • lemon, zested and juiced
  • 1/3 cup superfine sugar

For the custard

  • 1 1/2 cup milk
  • eggs
  • tablespoons superfine sugar
  • tablespoons light cream
  1. Preheat the oven to 400 F and generously butter a large baking dish with some of the butter.
  2. Cut the crusts off of the bread then butter and spread with marmalade. Cut each slice into 4 triangles.
  3. In a small bowl stir together the orange juice, orange zest, lemon juice, lemon zest and sugar until the sugar has dissolved.
  4. Soak each triangle of bread in the syrup and arrange in the baking dish until it’s completely full.
  5. In a large bowl whisk together the milk, eggs, sugar and cream. Pour this over the bread triangles in the dish. Spoon over any remaining syrup.
  6. Bake pudding for 30 minutes until browned and crisp on top.

For more writing from Izy Hossack please see Top With Cinnamon. This article has been re-posted with permission from the Author.

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